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All You Need to Know About Hinoki Essential Oil

What is Hinoki?

Hinoki is one of the most prized types of wood in Japan. This tree which grows only in Japan, is a type of cypress that is considered a “sacred” wood. The wood of this cypress tree is slightly woody and balsamic, with a hint of spice and lemon, and it is distinguished by its light color and straight grain. Due to its exquisite features, hinoki is for centuries used for palaces, temples, and shrines. Hinoki is also popular as ornamental tree in all temperate climates of the world. It is rot resistant and carries a symbolic reputation of being immortal.

Therapeutic Properties of Hinoki

The fresh, earthy scent of hinoki is calming and uplifting at the same time. Not only does this light oil provide a boost to the immunity system, it also improves hair growth conditions to balance out hair loss factors while providing relief to stuffy noses and sinus congestions.

Hinoki is also highly valued for its ability to fight infections and work as a stimulant that relieves nervousness and anxiety.

Hinoki Essential Oil Benefits

1. Heals wounds

Hinoki essential oil has antiseptic qualities which helps to heal minor cuts, scrapes and wounds. It is also useful in skincare and cosmetics for its ability to kill bacteria, treat sores, pimples, pustules and skin eruptions.

2. Relief muscle spasms

If you have cramps and achy muscles, hinoki can help to alleviate muscle pain by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Its antispasmodic properties are effective for leg cramps, muscle pulls and carpal tunnel.

3. Eliminates respiratory conditions

Antispasmodic agent clears up congestion, eliminates phlegm build-up, and treats asthma. Hinoki can also treat respiratory infections caused by bacterial overgrowth.

4. Natural deodorant

Hinoki has a woody, masculine fragrance that stimulates happiness and energy. Its antibacterial ability in preventing bacterial growth and body odour is one of the reasons why hinoki is an excellent natural deodorant.

5. Relieves anxiety

Hinoki's sedative effects induce a calm and relaxed feeling. This is particularly helpful for people who are undergoing emotional stress, have trouble sleeping or have experienced a recent trauma.

Hinoki Essential Oil Uses

Hinoki can be used in both aromatically or topically. When inhaled, Hinoki can promote a sense of calm and happiness, and when applied onto the skin in a form of a diluted massage, Hinoki can treat various health and wellness issues. Here are some ways you can use Hinoki essential oil:

1. Use in an aroma diffuser

An aroma diffuser such as a candle burner can be placed in areas where you want some peace and calmness. It can be in the bedroom to assist you with a good night's sleep or even in the living room where you want a homely atmosphere. The woodiness of hinoki can create a serene feeling of closeness within your family members.

2. Use as a massage oil

Hinoki essential oil can be diluted into an unscented carrier oil such as Jojoba or Rice Bran oil. When applied onto the skin, hinoki releases tension, stress and anxiety while improving respiratory functions and relieving muscular aches and pains.

3. Use as a household cleaner

Last but not least, hinoki can be used in homes for cleaning purposes. When moping hardwood floors, add a few drops of hinoki into the water and use it to mop the floors. Alternatively, you can also add a few drops into the washing machine for a thorough bacteria-free wash cycle.