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D.I.Y Insecticide with Tea Tree Oil

Dengue season is still ongoing. That means there are lot of mosquitoes and flies going around biting people for fun. Everywhere you go, you will definitely come home with one or two more itchy mosquito bites. It is just inevitable since Singapore is a green country. Even if you don’t own plants, your backyard will still be full of trees and bushes, and mosquitos and other bugs. Yikes.

The good new is, there are a lot of insecticides and pesticides in the market. The bad news is every single one of them has the distinct pesticide scent. You spray it once in the corner and everyone in the household knows someone sprayed the pesticide because of how thick the scent is.

Now, everyone knows how powerful essential oils are. But did you also know that some of them are natural insecticides? They are just as effective as the ones on the market but smell even better!

Essential oils like Tea Tree is an amazing insecticide. It contains antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These properties, along with its camphor scent makes the perfect insect repellent. It does not only get rid of mosquitoes and flies but also ants, bed bugs and other stinging insects.

But the most important thing to note here is that concentrated Tea Tree is harmful to humans. This means that in order to use Tea Tree, you need to dilute it with other carrier oils or other ingredients to make it safe for you to use. If you want a quick D.I.Y insecticide, you can get your hands on the essential oil and simply pour in 2/3 cups of water and 8 drops of the Tea Tree oil. If you want a more natural scent, you can add a few drops of Geranium essential oil.

Geranium is a great oil to pair with Tea Tree because it enhances the effects that Tea Tree has. With this duo, you will have an insecticide that is powerful and effective yet smells so good that no one will know that you are trying to kill those insects.

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