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Essential oils Recipes for the Perfect Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are all the hype now. They’re taking over the internet and social media with their colourful external patterns and watch that cool fizzy reaction it makes when thrown into water. 

What are bath bombs

Bath Bomb is a compacted mixture of a bicarbonate base, weak acid (e.g citric acid), skin conditioning agents (moisturiser), lathering agents, scents and colourant which is moulded into any shapes and sizes. It is unreactive when dry but becomes interesting reactive and dissolved in water to impact scent and colour to the bath water.

Bath bombs are the perfect way to end a long hard day at work. Settle down into a warm tub with a glass of wine, some comfort music playing on your Google home system, throw in your bath bomb and you’re met with an immense feeling of relief and pleasure. Enjoy the soothing benefits of bath bombs that are infused with essential oils to give your much-needed bath that extra “umph” to get you through the night.

Different Blends for Various Type of Bath Bombs

Different essential oils give off different therapeutic properties so finding the perfect blend for a specific bath can be tricky. Luckily for you, we have come up with specific bath night scenarios complimented by the perfect oil blend for your bath bombs.

Date Night Blend

3 drops of Patchouli Essential oil

2 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

2 drops of Jasmine Essential oil

1 drop of rose essential oil

This specific blend caters to your sensual needs. It heightens your senses and at the same time calms your nerves. This is exactly what you need for a first date, a calm relaxing bath to prepare you for an amazing night ahead.

Pain Go Away Blend

3 drops of Rosemary essential oil

2 drops Geranium essential oil

2 drops Lavender essential oil

1-2 drops Tea Tree essential oil


This blend caters to your seasonal flu and body ache needs. Had a rough day at work? Weather keeps fluctuating and you feel as though you’re coming down with the flu? Not to worry because this is the bath bomb blend for you. Not to mention, it also aids in curing hangovers.                                                    

Peaceful Sleeps Blend

3 drops of Lavender essential oil

2 drops of Chamomile essential oil

1-2 drops of mandarin essential oil


Bath bombs infused with the right essential oils have therapeutic effects on the body. They have a way of calming your senses and can put you at ease. This blend specifically caters to peace and tranquility within your body, take a bath at night with this bath bomb blend and experience the best sleep you’ve ever had.

You deserve a little pampering and it’s not wrong to give yourself a little “me” time. Get creative with your bath bombs, it’s not necessary that you use these specific blends. Create your own, have fun with it and most importantly enjoy it.