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Exfoliating: First Step to a Healthy-Looking Skin

Exfoliation has been known as the first step to a clear and soft skin yet it is still being overlooked often. Regular exfoliation can produce smooth, unclogged skin that exudes an overall glow. One possible reason for the lack of exfoliation usage could be due to the belief that body scrubs are largely rough and harsh on the skin. That may not be true! With new innovations, body scrubs have pretty much evolved into a butter-like texture that are smooth and easy on the skin yet achieving the intended results as before. At Hysses, body scrubs are infused with pure essential oils and all-natural ingredients to give your skin a maximum boost. Besides exfoliating, it also helps with combating skin concerns.

Hysses’ Body Scrubs

Sugar Scrub

Let’s talk about our range of body scrubs meant to combat different skin concerns. Firstly, we have our Sugar Scrub Lavender Chamomile

Hysses sugar scrub, loaded with Lavender and Chamomile, is gentle on the skin yet does a great job at exfoliation. An exotic blend of Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oil provides absolute calmness while the brown sugar used locks moisture into your skin and keeps it hydrated all day. Expect nothing but velvety smooth skin that is healthy, radiant and nourished from within. Lavender and chamomile essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and relieve pain from inflammation, perfect for those who are suffering from body acne or eczema.

Salt Scrub

A good salt scrub helps with purification and skin rejuvenation. Speaking of which, Hysses Ginger peppermint salt scrub does wonder. The herbal blend of Ginger and Peppermint essential oils provide a minty tangy freshness, while sea salt helps to calm inflammations and flushes out toxins in the skin. It also does very well in unclogging pores and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

Shower Scrub

Hysses shower scrub are soothing and calming on the skin and it uses natural exfoliants such as seed granules that are extracted from plants.

Our Lavender Hinoki Shower Scrub is infused with tiny apricot seed granules that exfoliates the skin. These micro granules are gentle on the skin therefore, using it on a daily basis would do more good than harm. Together with the use of natural ingredients such as vitamins and pure essential oils, they strengthen the skin barrier that in turn reveals a fresh and radiant skin within. Lavender and Hinoki essential oils are both calming and soothing, perfect for bath after a long day at work. Kick back and relax after exfoliating your skin with this beautiful blend.

Look through our array of scrubs with different essential oil mix, you will definitely be able to get one of your liking. Happy shopping!


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