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Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Area of Diffusion: 50 - 400 SQF

The Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser uses ultrasonic frequencies to create vibrations on the water surface. The vibrations creates negative ions and vaporises essential oil into micro droplets. The micro droplets are able to stay suspended in the air for longer periods of time, maximising the scenting effects and therapeutic benefits of essential oil.
  • Negative ions clear the air of dust and allergens, normalises your breathing rate, decreases blood pressure, and relieves tension. Regular usage of the Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser allows for better sleep, elevated mental performance, and health realignment.

    1. Place machine on a flat surface before use. Remove the glass chamber before adding water and essential oil.
    2. Always add clean water before the addition of essential oil. The maximum capacity of the glass bowl is indicated by the red marker. Add 15 to 20 drop of any essential oil into the water.
    3. Install the glass chamber. Connect the provided adapter to the base and plug into an electrical outlet.
    4. Toggle the Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser on or off using the control switch.


    1. Remove glass tip from glass chamber and remove glass chamber from the base. Handle with care.
    2. Discard residual from base. Damp tissue paper with Cleaning Solution. Wipe glass bowl with tissue paper before turning base upright.
    3. Use 10 ml of Cleaning Solution to rinse the glass chamber. Repeat as desired until clean.
    4. Leave the glass chamber and glass tip to dry completely before placing it back onto the base.
  • Area of Diffusion:
    50 - 400 sqf

    Auto-off Function
    This diffuser features a two-hour cycle of continuous misting and switches off automatically after. As a safety feature, the LED light and misting function will also automatically stop when the water volume is insufficient (under 15ml). To indicate that electricity is still running, the fan will continue to run.

    Available in:
    Ceramic White
    Ceramic Black
    Pine Wood

    International Voltage Input:
    Our nebulisers and ultrasonic diffusers can be used in any country.
    INPUT: AC 100V-240V~0.5A 50/60 Hz

    Glass Chamber
    Glass Tip
    24V Electric Adapter (uses a Type C two-pin plug)
    Warranty Card
    Essential oil and cleaning solution are sold separately.

    Product Warranty:
    This product comes with a 6 months limited warranty from the date of purchase. Please register your warranty here.

    Ø10.2cm H17cm

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