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Beauty Oil Miniatures (Calendula, Camelia, Jojoba)

HYSSES Beauty Oils are naturally abundant in vitamins and minerals that are kept intact through the extraction process of cold-pressing. Each oil is 100% pure, organic and perfect for use on its own or in a blend.

We handpick and source from farms certified organic for practising ethical and organic farming methods according to organic farming standards.

Extraction through cold-pressing involves crushing the seed or nut. While hot-pressed oils degrade and lose nutrients, cold-pressed oils retain all their nutritional value and skin-boosting qualities, making it the only choice for skin care requirements.

Oils can be ‘refined’ by using chemicals or treated with acid deodorise and remove smells, or bleached to attain a certain colour. This process can remove all beneficial value. Choose the right oils for your skin, unrefined and untreated, like Nature intended.


    An anti-inflammatory oil which prevents acne, relieves pain, reduces skin redness and calms even the most sensitive of all skin types.

    For acne-prone or sensitive skin


    An all-natural, non-greasy elixir for a firmer, smoother, and more glowing complexion that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and speeds up the healing of scars.

    For normal to very dry skin


    Similar to the skin’s natural sebum, and is readily absorbed into the skin, leaving a moisture barrier of defence to protect skin from external elements.

    For normal to oily skin

  • For use in face care, apply 2 - 3 drops of Beauty Oil onto fingertips and massage evenly onto face.

    Apply a patch test along jawline before use on full face, and on the inside of the elbow before use on the body.
  • 100% pure, unrefined Calendula, Camelia & Jojoba Oil

    Our Promise
    ✕ no toxins and carcinogens
    ✕ no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
    ✕ no parabens 
    ✕ no silicones or paraffins 
    ✕ no petrochemicals
    ✕ no artificial colours
    ✕ no synthetic fragrances
    ✕ no animal testing!

  • Scent:
    Cold-pressed Calendula Oil from Spain

    Cold-pressed Camellia Oil from Japan
    Cold-pressed Jojoba Oil from Israel

    10ml x3 

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