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Wise Man Laughing Candle Burner

Undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any home, each HYSSES aroma burner is carefully crafted by hand with the finest materials.

This candle burner is crafted in Sandstone. It features a burner bowl and base for easy placement and removal of the candle.
  • Oil burners augment a scent experience with a warm cozy ambiance.
    Large area scent diffusion: up to 300sqf
    Flexible placement as it does not require power source
    Low maintenance
    Scent Intensity: Strong
    Scent Longevity: Medium
  • Directions
    Fill the bowl of the burner to the brim with warm water.
    Add 8 to 15 drops of your favourite essential oil.
    Place a tealight candle and place into the hearth of the burner. The heat from the flame will allow a scent diffusion.
    Diffusion will be continuous until all the water or oil has evaporated.

    CautionAlways ensure the lit burner is never placed on an uneven surface, places it can be knocked over easily, or near flammable materials such as curtains. Keep burner safely away from pets or children. Do not touch the burner while it is in use and allow 20 to 30 minutes for it to cool down before touching or washing.
  • Includes:
    Wise Man Laughing Sandstone Burner
    Burner base
    Essential oil and candles sold separately.

    Ø10cm H16.5cm

    Product may vary slightly from images due to the use of natural materials (e.g. wood, ceramic), or due to photoshoot lighting conditions and screen settings.