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Are you Using the Right Scent for your Home?

Buying essential oils is not just a matter of picking and choosing what you like and placing it in your home. Having the wrong scent in your home can disrupt the natural balance of qi, causing nights to feel like day and vice versa. The wrong choice of scents can also change a person's mood, appetite, concentration and state of mind.

Take Grapefruit essential oil for example. Having this scent in the kitchen or dining area may not be the best idea because Grapefruit is an appetite suppressant. What's the purpose of spending so much time cooking up a nice meal when you've got no appetite to savour it in the end? 

With the right scent in the right place, you can have a boost in your memory while you're studying, have your romantic nights heightened, and also kill all traces of negativity in all corners of your home.

While there are much research and trials to conduct before finding the perfect scent, for your home, why not use some of HYSSES' tried and tested essential oils that are well-loved by our customers?

 Living Room

The living room needs a scent that is versatile. It needs to be able to uplift moods, and calm stressed minds, it should also induce joy and happiness while wiping away feelings of nervousness, tension and anxiety. For a scent like this, you can never go wrong with Bergamot. Some other scents also include Lemongrass for an extra mozzie repellent benefit or Mandarin that transforms the area into a happy place for joy and laughter.


A bedroom is a place for rest and recuperation. What you want ideally would be something to calm yourself after a day's work, and for something to help you fall asleep easily. A relaxing scent like Jasmine, Rose or Lavender is the best sleep aid at times like this.

On some nights, when you have trouble sleeping, try Bergamot or Chamomile to soothe your dampening thoughts and get you back to sleep.


If you've got a backyard or an outdoor area, the first concern would be getting rid of pests like mosquitoes or creepy crawlies lingering in the area. Given the circumstances, some insects can't help but get attracted to your plants, but there are also some scents you can use to reduce the number of insects in the area. Citronella, Lemongrass and Peppermint are great pest busters, while essential oils like Sandalwood provide a clean, woody aroma to the place.


Among all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is one where you spend the least amount of time in, but still, one which you have to enter on a daily basis. Make your bathroom smell great the moment you enter by having an odour neutralizing scent like Pine that has disinfecting properties. Essential oils like Lemon also helps in getting rid of any unwanted smells, while giving the bathroom a zesty fragrance.