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Covid-19: Immunity Booster to Fight the Virus

During this tough time, it is important to ensure that we are taking any and every measure to keep us safe. As with any viruses, the first line of defence in our body is our immune system. Hence, it is important to boost our immune system so that it can fight viruses and prevent us from getting sick. (Which is especially important during this pandemic!)

Essential oils have a wide range of benefits. Some of them are incredibly helpful in boosting immune systems due to its antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, here is a list of essential oils and how to use it to provide the boost that your immune system needs!


One of the most powerful essential oils is Eucalyptus. It has been used in a lot of over-the-counter cold medicines to relieve congestion and ease phlegm. This is because it contains powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Eucalyptus also aids in stimulating the immune system by enhancing its phagocytic response to pathogens, which happens when there are viruses, bacteria, or foreign particles inside the immune system.

You can inhale the oil or apply it to the chest and feet in order to help treat the symptoms of cold and congestion or to strengthen the immune system.

However, it should not be taken orally unless it is properly diluted or under the guidance of a proper and qualified health care provider as Eucalyptus can be poisonous.


Known for its effective anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil is sure to enhance your immune system by going against environmental pollutants, exposure to toxins, and poor diet which is damaging to the immune system. Its antioxidant and antibiotic properties also aid in fighting against free radical damages and harmful microbes. In addition to that, it also helps the body in creating white blood cells to fight harmful pathogens and diseases.

You can use it topically to reduce inflammation, boost immune response, and tissue remodelling for faster healing.


This essential oil is one of the multi-purpose oils out there. It is known for its natural properties in fighting harmful pathogens. It has the ability to combat different kinds of viruses and bacteria due to its strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is also a stimulant for the immune system.

You can diffuse this oil in your house or personal workspace in order to get all of its benefits.



This essential oil works like a charm every time. It provides instant relief from any cold or flu symptoms. It is known to enhance the body’s resistance against bacteria and viruses and soften mucus build-up in the nasal airways. Hence, easing any congestion.

Rosemary contains antimicrobial and immunostimulant properties, which not only helps with fighting off bacteria and viruses but also promotes a stronger immune system.

However, do note that this oil should be used with caution. Simply diffuse it in your house or personal workspace daily to get the benefits.


If you are unsure of which essential oils you should choose, you can DIY your own blend to get all the benefits possible in order to boost your immune system.

Here are some blends for you to try out!

Blend #1:

3 drops of Lavender 

2 drops of Eucalyptus

2 drops of Rosemary


Blend #2:

2 drops of Tea Tree

2 drops of Peppermint

2 drops of Lemon


Blend #3:

4 ounces of water

10 drops of Lemon

10 drops of Rosemary

10 drops of Eucalyptus

10 drops of Frankincense


Do note that as with every product, you should do a patch test first to see if you have any reactions to the products before using it. You should also keep the products out of reach from children as some essential oils may not be suitable for them. If you have any diagnosed allergens or triggers, be sure to consult your doctor before substituting your medication for natural essential oils.

During this tough time, it is important to take care of your health as best as you can. You can get your hands on this product from our eStore in the comfort of your own home now! Be sure to stay safe and stay home!

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