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HYSSES Recommends 10 Best Buys Under $50

Gifting on a budget? Let HYSSES plan your Christmas shopping with the top 10 products under $50! Gift exchanges, Secret Santa  and stocking stuffers - we've got it all covered. Read below to see what are the gifts HYSSES has to offer this Christmas.

1. Travel Gift Set, $25.90

    This 2-piece travel set contains 2 bottles of bottles of travel sized body or hair products. Choose from body wash & lotion set, body wash & massage oil set or shampoo & conditioner set. Encased in a black box with a colourful tartan printed sleeve, this gift set is presentable by itself and needs no additional wrapping. A fuss free gift for those who are rushing for time.

    Car Vent Clay White

    2. Car Vent Clay, $28.90

      A car clay is great for scenting up small spaces like cars. Simply clip the magnetized car clay onto the car vent or use it as a scented magnet on any metal surface. Drip a few drops of the Lemongrass essential oil onto the surface area of the clay to scent up the atmosphere. Comes in 3 colours.

       Gek Huay Candle Burner 3. Candle Burner, from $25,90

      For gender neutral gifts, candle burners are suitable as gifts for all occasion, even Christmas! Handcrafted by skilled artisans, candle burners serve as great home décor pieces while diffusing essential oils around the home. There are plenty of designs available to suit each home style.

      Photo of Gardenia Flower Refreshment4. Flower Refreshment Scenting Clay, from $29.90

      While real flowers wilt quickly, these flower refreshments don’t. Delicate and pleasing to the eye, each flower refreshment scenting clay piece is handmade and no two are alike. Use it at the office, vanity desk, bedside table or the dashboard of the car.


      Hand Sanitiser, Bear5. Hand Sanitiser, $10.90

      The best gift this Christmas is the gift of protection. Hand sanitisers are a convenient, fuss-free solution to protecting the hands from germs and bacteria on-the-go. Comes attached with a adjustable strap, this hand sanitiser can follow you on your daily travels and protection with the benefits of pure essential oils.

      Photo of Cutie Clay Diffuser - Bear6. Cutie Clay Diffuser, $49.90

      Cutie clay diffusers are adorable and perfect gifts for the little ones. These low maintenance clay diffusers look great on study desks and on the bed side table. Fill the vase with the home scent liquid provided and watch as the scent soak up the clay and out into the atmosphere. Enjoy as the scent disperses throughout the room.

      Photo of Hedgehog Couple7. Hedgehog Couple Trinket, $49.90

      If you are looking for a gift to share with your other half, this Hedgehog Couple Trinket is the one to go for. This gift contains a pair of hedgehog trinkets with a piece of scenting clay disk inside. Gift one trinket to your loved one and keep the other for yourself.

      Photo of Yuan Yang Scenting Trinket8. Yuan Yang Scenting Trinket, $39.90

      A symbol of love, this Yuan Yang Scenting Trinket features a pair of love birds sitting top a heart shaped trinket. Drip 8 to 10 drops of essential oil into the scenting clay disk that is inside the trinket and leave the trinket open to allow the scent to diffuse in the atmosphere. A perfect gift for the ladies.

      Bergamot Frankincense Home Scent9. Reed Diffuser 60ml, from $39.90

      Reed diffusers come in over 10 different varieties to choose from. Ranging from citrus to floral, each has its own distinct scent, bringing out different vibes to the environment. Some of our customers favourites include Bergamot Geranium, Lavender Hinoki and Ginger Peppermint.

      Rose Geranium Beeswax Candle10. Beeswax Candle 100g, $32.90

      HYSSES candles are made using beeswax. They are 100% natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, safe and non-toxic. On top of that, beeswax candles no not emit toxic fumes unlike paraffin wax, instead, they help to purify and improve air quality when burned.