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What's the difference?

Body washes are liquid soap that when mixed with water, will lather into a rich foam that you can apply and rinse off with water. Shower scrub contains tiny seed granules that does a little extra than just cleansing the skin. These small particles exfoliate the skin gently, revealing fresher skin beneath.

Because shower scrubs are less abrasive, they can be used daily, as a substitute to body washes. However, those with sensitive skin may wish to alternate between a shower scrub and a body wash for their daily showering routine.

New Shower Scrub Launch

HYSSES has launched a series of Shower Scrubs in 4 exciting new scents to complement your ultimate body spa routine.

 Bergamot Geranium

Regulates sebum levels and energizes oily, acne-prone skin

Lavender Chamomile

Soothing benefits of Lavender and Chamomile helps to calm irritable and sensitive skin


A revitalizing scrub that tones and tightens sagging skin while uplifting the body from lethargy.

Lavender Hinoki

Gives your body a calming and tranquilizing experience while in the shower.

How to Use

Massage Shower Scrub onto wet skin in circular motions, concentrating especially on problem zones. Rinse off thoroughly. For enhanced results, use with HYSSES Body Lotion after showering.