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Wellness Gifts to Inspire Much Needed Self-Care

Self-care has become more than ever crucial these days as people are cooped up at home in light of the ongoing pandemic. Having a good massage after a long work-from-home week or pampering your skin with a session of facial therapy will go a long way in your personal and mental health care journey.
At Hysses, our products are wellness-inspired, infused with essential oils that help rejuvenate your skin and body. Here’s our 3 wellness-inspired products from us, to gift to your loved ones. Show them you care from a distance.


Gift Idea #1

Facial Wash

Frankincense Patchouli Facial Wash

Frankincense patchouli facial wash helps to fade scars and marks with Frankincense and Patchouli essential oils. This facial wash is also packed with vitamins and nutrients to boost your skin's metabolism and improve skin complexion. The essential oils used in this product have different benefits that can combat your skin’s problem areas and aid in your skin type.

Benefits of Frankincense:

  • Treats dry skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Slows down age spots
  • Reduces acne scars

Benefits of Patchouli:

  • Aids in treating dermatitis on skin
  • Aids in treating acne
  • Treats dry or cracked skin
  • It is an anti-bacterial agent (cleanses face)

This facial wash is suitable for ageing, pigmentation and combination skin types. Head down to our website to check out our range of facial washes and find one that multi-tasks in your skins favour.

Perfect for gifting, this facial wash will inspire anyone to embrace the self-care trend.

Gift Idea #2 

Massage Oil

Eucalyptus Rosemary Massage Oil


Eucalyptus Rosemary massage oil can easily be spread and absorbed to feed the skin, organically scented to ease the body and soul.
Erases traces of dull, problematic skin with a refreshing, herbaceous blend of eucalyptus and rosemary. Gentle yet effective on acne-prone skin. Here are some of the benefits that come with this oil:

  • Protects against cellular damage from exposure to everyday skin aggressors with an extra antioxidant boost of Vitamin E
  • Nourishes and repairs the skin's natural barrier
  • Deeply penetrates skin layers to rehydrate and condition skin against premature dryness with rice bran and jojoba oil
  • Spreads easily to lubricate the skin, allowing gliding massage strokes and easy workability of the skin's surface
  • No silicones, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances - everything you want, nothing you don't.

Perfect for gifting, wind down with a well-deserved massage after a hard day at work.

Gift Idea #3

Body Lotion

Bergamot Geranium Body Lotion


Bergamot geranium Body lotion is light and non-sticky, unlike most of other body lotions that tend to leave a sticky white masked trace behind on your skin. The natural properties of Bergamot and Geranium stimulate blood circulation and repair, leaving your skin healthy and refreshed. These essential oils also help to nourish and repair the skins natural barrier for protection against harsh environments. This lotion instantly rehydrates and conditions skin against premature dryness. There are also no added silicones, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances: Really, what more could you ask for in a perfect body lotion.
Take a relaxing bath after a long day of hard work. One could say moisturizing the skin to make it soft and supple is the perfect way to end a tired day and head to bed. Gift this lotion to someone who you really love and know who needs it.


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