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What Are CC Sticks?

CC cream

Before learning about CC sticks, you first have to know about CC cream. CC cream means “colour corrector cream”. CC cream has many functions just like BB cream such as foundation, moisturiser etc. But unlike BB cream, CC cream has more coverage to conceal any dark spots or swelling of the face. CC cream is suitable for ageing skin as it can help to conceal wrinkles and fine lines. Fundamentally, CC cream uses colours that will cancel each other out to hide the flaws on your skin.


CC sticks

In summary, CC sticks are beauty sticks that has built-in brushes. And of course, CC sticks contain CC cream.

Main Colour Differences

CC Yellow - Good for hiding large blemishes

CC Purple – Suitable for hiding acne and skin redness by balancing skin tone

CC Green – Gets rid of light-coloured, declining, chalky skin tones


How to use CC sticks

  1. Wash your face using a facial cleanser and pat your skin dry using a towel
  2. Press the CC stick against your face lightly for the cream to come out. Put a little cream on your forehead, nose, chin and both sides of your cheeks
  3. Use the brush from the CC stick to mix and spread the CC cream all over your face



CC cream is a multi-functional cream and its main function is to balance the colour of your face by ensuring there is no dark spots or redness. CC sticks are tools used to apply CC cream more efficiently and it is also more hygienic since you will not need to use your fingers to apply the cream.

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