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Mt. Sapola Rebrands To Hysses

Singapore, 18 August 2017 – Mt. Sapola Singapore reaches a key milestone as it relaunches itself as HYSSES, together with the introduction of a new corporate logo, website, and brand identity.

This rebranding exercise is a representation of its successful and ongoing transition to a company well beyond its minimalist spa-at-home heritage.

“As a company, we have grown to have a stronger sense of who we are and what we can deliver in the last 10 years, which allows us to tell compelling stories while sharing our knowledge. Rebranding to HYSSES is a big step in the right direction for our loyal consumers as well as potential ones at home and overseas,” said Cheryl Gan, founder and managing director for HYSSES Singapore.


Mt. Sapola was launched in Singapore in 2007 when Cheryl set up the first store in Tanglin Mall with just two staff, and the products were manufactured and imported from Thailand. Despite sharing the same brand, business operations in both countries were autonomous of each other and the business began to grow exponentially in Singapore.

Singapore consumers’ relentless demand for variety and new products resulted in an expansion of new product lines. So, in 2010, Cheryl created Barn & Potter, a specialised laboratory with its own manufacturing arm, to fulfil this demand.

By 2013, at least 60% of Mt. Sapola Singapore’s retail products were manufactured and packed in Singapore. New scents produced, most notably Bergamot Geranium, were exclusively sold in Singapore and Malaysia, which became very popular in both markets. Overseas markets and distributors began to request for these new scents which were not carried in Thailand. As such, the new products had to be branded and sold as Barn & Potter for a separate distinction.


With a 10-year long heritage and a local membership database of over 25,000 consumers, most would be hesitant to make changes to a brand and its identity. But as the number of requests for franchising opportunities increased, it was evident that Mt. Sapola Singapore had to evolve to form its own brand identity to expand the business domestically and internationally.

Known to be a risk-taker, Cheryl started to plan for the birth of a new brand in 2014 and three years later, HYSSES is finally here and ready to debut in global markets.


Differences in weather and land conditions affect the quality of oils; indigenous sources provide the optimum environment for growth, which is why HYSSES travels all over the world to handpick the best ingredients each year.

While time consuming, this is a necessary check to ensure ingredients are always of the best quality – something Cheryl is committed to give to her customers. In addition, each HYSSES product carries a piece of history and culture through its exotic Eastern and Western ingredients.

“One of the most important stories for us to get across is the complexity of aromatherapy, educating people on the benefits, as well as choosing and using essential oils the right way. I want the brand to truly exhibit a deeper sense of understanding with a keener focus on Nature,” Cheryl says.


All products formulation and testing are done in the HYSSES headquarters in Singapore. The Research & Development team places emphasis on quality, pure natural ingredients, and product effectiveness – often pushing out multiple versions in a week.

Depending on the complexity of the composition, a single product can take up to two years to perfect and produce. The laboratory and the manufacturing spaces have tripled over the years to meet output demands. Similarly, new automation machines have been added to the manufacturing line to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

The HYSSES body care range has expanded from six to 13 scents; with each scent formulated to address a skin concern, such as dermatitis or flaky skin with over-active oil production. Similarly, the hair care range has added bioactive ingredients to tackle hair problems, such as thinning hair or hair loss.

In the coming months, customers will start to see more plant-based facial skin care releases to cater to different skin types and needs.


The Logo
The name ‘HYSSES’ is an artistic take on the Chinese word for native village 乡 (hy). HYSSES’ ingredients, such as the essential oils, herbs, stones, earthenware are sourced directly from these villages. The English letters, while bold, have softened edges with vines along its pillars.

The Emblem
A single “乡” (which means ‘village’) sits in a diamond-like shape. This shape is derived from the microscopic view of a rice grain, very aptly, as HYSSES Body products uses Rice Bran Oil as one of its core ingredients.

The eastern and western elements are combined in the logo in a Yin-Yang fashion, a characterisation of the Asian’s belief in balance.

The new visual identity also displays the appreciation of meticulous work from start to end without shortcuts – mirroring the tedious process of the extraction of essential oils. In an age of rapid and constant change, there has been little change to laborious nature of the distillation process. The use of hand-drawn illustrations and hand-painted watercolour art is a signature feature and a deliberate nod to the hand-crafting traditions of artisans.

Each HYSSES product is consciously designed to honour its quality as much as it pays tribute to Nature’s generosity.


The boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia have started to undergo physical renovations, and complete full transformation is targeted by the end of Q3 in 2017. The renovations enhance the customer experience at every touch point and allow ease of product demonstration.  The next phase of the HYSSES roll-out will be an online store to allow international consumers to purchase HYSSES products.

In addition, HYSSES will be introduced in London – a competitive market that has vast experience and close familiarity with aromatherapy, by next year; with  expansion plans in the pipeline into other key prominent cities, such as Sydney, and gateway cities in Asia Pacific.