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Returns & Warranty

If you are unhappy with your purchases or have a last-minute change of mind after receiving the goods, we are able to provide an product exchange or store credit. However, we are unable to cover the return postage fees on all return types.

A defect is an imperfection in a product arising from a manufacturing or design defect that hinders a product to perform its desired function.

If you suspect that the item you have received is defective, please write in to with your purchase details and photos and/or video to support your claim within 7 days, and HYSSES will initiate an investigation to identify the defect. Once the defect is identified, HYSSES will proceed to validate a one-time exchange for the customer.


There may be a slight discrepancy in the product design (especially handmade products such as clay diffuser or wood grain) from the online store's product photo. In such cases, this variance is not considered a product defect. Diffusing Products with clay are expected to have the colour changed in the clay due to the interaction of the essential oils in the diffuser.
This is a normal reaction and is not considered a product defect.

HYSSES products are made from 100% natural ingredients which may vary in scent intensity and colour from the different batches of harvest. No artificial fragrances are added to ensure consistency across the batches. Therefore, Essential Oils and Home Scents are not considered defective for consistency in scent intensity and colour variation across batches. 

If the product is deemed as deflective, we will arrange a pickup collection to send back the deflective products and arrange another shipment for the replacement product.

You may refer to the table below for some examples of products which are non-returnable:

Essential Oils 
Essential oil seal is broken

Home Scents 
Reed diffuser sticks have been used.
Diffuser / Room Scent Oils are used
Diffuser liquid has oxidised due to prolonged oxygen exposure.
Product is used

Ceramic Diffusers/ Scenting Clay 
Broken/cracked clay pieces
Clay diffusers that have been discoloured due to prolonged usage

Face/Hair/Body Products
Bottle is damaged externally (e.g. dented/cracked)
Pump head dispenser has been ejected
Safety seal sticker has been tampered.
Products has been used

Nebulisers and Water Mist Diffusers have been used with essential oil.
Broken or cracked glass parts – glass chamber, glass tip, glass funnel 

Products that are close to its expiry date
Incomplete sets that are mistakenly discard by buyer during unboxing.
Products that are bought more than 7 days ago.

It is HYSSES responsibility to make sure that the item is securely packed with ample cushioning such as sponge or bubble wrap. If you have opened the packaging and found that your item is broken or damaged, please take a photo of the damaged product, internal packaging and external carton packaging (top, botton and side views) immediately and send it to HYSSES will contact you to guide you on the process to receiving your replacement.


If product has separate parts, we may send replacements for only parts that were damaged. HYSSES will not be liable for the product part(s) that is mistakenly thrown away which is verified against photos of product taken before delivery pickup.

No. HYSSES does not accept product returns for opened and used products for hygiene and quality control purposes. You may refer to our exchange and return policy to see if your product has met the criteria for an exchange.

Please contact our customer service team at