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3 Things You Should Know About Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella Essential Oil is well known for is insect repelling properties. You can commonly find their distinctive scent in most insect repelling products such as mosquito patches, balms and sprays.

But, besides the fact that Citronella is an effective mozzie repellent, did you know that this essential oil also contains other surprising health benefits?

1. Citronella cures headaches and migraines

When you have a headache or migraine, the first essential oils you think of are usually ones that are geared towards relaxation, like Lavender. Although you are right in using relaxing essential oils to ease tension arising from headaches, there are times where even the most relaxing oils can’t help with the pain. Instead of using other oils of the “relaxing” category, try using Citronella to soothe the pain. As an anti-spasmodic essential oil, Citronella gives relief from spasms, lowering the intensity of pain in the body. Also, Citronella increases perspiration, which in turns helps to reduce inflammation, fight infections and reduce body temperature.

2. Citronella kills bacteria

Fungal infections can be nasty and there is no better method to treat fungal infections the natural way – by using Citronella essential oil. Bacteria lurking in the orifices of the body such as the ear, nose and throat regions are highly susceptible to become fungal infections if not cleaned properly. Using Citronella essential oil and your choice of carrier oil, massage into the areas where the growth of the fungus is and it will inhibit the fungal growth and kill the fungus at the same time. Continued usage of Citronella will help to cure fungal dysentery and hopefully prevent future infections.

3. Citronella makes a unique deodorant

The scent of Citronella is rich, lemony and sharp. This lemony aroma eliminates body odors, when used on to the skin. While using it as a deodorant, Citronella has also proven to be an antidepressant, so not only will you be endowed with a natural fresh citrus scent of Citronella, you will also feel uplifted with no trace of negativity in the air! Use a small amount of Citronella in your bath, lotions or natural perfume.