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3 Ways Scented Candles Can Benefit You


The presence of a lit candle lends any room a soft, warm glow of a sophistication that can really set the tone for the evening. A small, flickering flame reminiscent of cosy nights can create a calming, sedative effect, while its ornamental value is enhanced by its shape and the design of its holder. Chunky pillar candles set the stage for a home spa while intricate glass jar candles can add character and flair to the interior design of a room.



Scented candles help to further accentuate an ambiance by engaging one’s olfactory senses and triggering memories. Summery scents like mandarin are reminiscent of sunshine, blue skies and sprightly spirits; this could help lift the mood of those who are feeling under the weather.

Essential oil-scented candles also boast therapeutic benefits. Burn a lemongrass candle for an energising yet restorative mood-booster, and turn to heady, aromatic scents such as rose and neroli set the stage for a romantic night in.



Let essential oils prep your mind for bed by burning them in a burner or diffusing the scent through the room via a nebuliser or mist diffuser. Beyond calming a harried mind, woody-spicy essential oils such as Frankincense inspire introspection and well-being, making it a great scent to meditate or just unwind to at the end of the day.



For those who love the ambience of a flickering candle yet worry about the health impacts of burning one, it is recommended to use natural candles that burn with a cotton wick, such as HYSSES’ beeswax candles. Beeswax candles are the most natural form of candle wax that has been used for centuries; they boast a cleaner burn without toxic chemicals, and takes a longer time to burn due to its high melting point.