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Sleep is incredibly important. Without proper rest, our body and mind cannot function as well as it should.

Ultimately, they get weaker and more tired more often.

Even though this seems like a minor issue, sleep deprivation can cause a lot of negative effects on the body and mind in the long run:

  • Prevent the body from strengthening the immune system
  • Increase risk of chronic and respiratory illnesses
  • Increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Affect hormone production
  • Cause memory loss
  • Affect normal focus and attention
  • Accumulate sleep debt which will get worse with sleep deprivation

Therefore, it is important to get your sleep routine as regular as possible so that you can focus during the day and feel refreshed and energized.


There are a lot of possible causes that may affect your quality and quantity of sleep:

  • Overthinking
  • Stress
  • Medical problems:
    • Depression
    • Hormone imbalance
    • Other chronic illnesses
  • Sleep disorder:
    • Insomnia
    • Sleep apnea
    • Narcolepsy


Aromatherapy is an “old” method of getting better sleep. People have been inhaling, spraying and burning various essential oils to fall asleep quickly and get better sleep quality.

But what kind of essential oils are good for sleep?


The most studied essential oils when it comes to putting people to sleep. It has been shown to improve sleep quality and alleviate symptoms associated with insomnia and restlessness. It lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate and promotes restful sleep.


Unlike most citrus oils, bergamot is calming. It also reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.


This proved to be more effective than drinking chamomile tea. It helps to calm anxiety, reduce insomnia, improve vital signs, reduce nightmares and promote better sleep quality.


It has been shown to reduce stress by lowering the hormone levels associated with it and is calming, which helps you to fall and stay asleep. Additionally, it is known to have antidepressant effects on menopausal women.


It alleviates stress and anxiety and helps you to fall asleep faster because of its sedative effects.

These essential oils are the go-to for a restful sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep, especially with the constant worry during this trying period, you can get your hands on these oils to help you get your sleeping schedule back on track! Simply visit our eStore to get your hands on them.

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