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5 Ways You're Breeding Dengue and Don't Even Know

It is officially dengue season which means it is crucial for all of us to take steps to protect ourselves from contacting dengue. But what most of us do not know is that we are probably breeding dengue in our own homes without even realising it.

Aedes mosquitoes are pesky little things. They breed anywhere there is clean stagnant water. From perimeter drains to gully traps. From places you can clean to places you can’t. It may be difficult to get rid of them since there is no way you can clean every nook and cranny inside your homes. However, that does not mean you should just let them be. You should still try your best to clean those areas because once it starts breeding, it will be difficult to get rid of them.

So, here are 5 popular dengue breeding places in your homes that you should probably clean:

  1. Containers and Pails

This is the most popular spot for Aedes mosquitoes. Probably because it is really easy for water to be caught in it after being washed or being used. Even a tiny drop of stagnant water allows them to breed, which is why it is important to turn the containers and pails or wipe them dry to prevent the breeding.

  1. Dark Corners

Grown Aedes mosquitoes absolutely love to lurk around in the dark, which is why it is important to spray insecticide at the different dark corners in your house; under the sofa, every corner of the rooms, behind curtains, under any tables, kitchen balcony.

  1. Bamboo Pole Holders

If you are used to doing laundry at home, you may use it often and maybe you forgot to close it a couple times. If its left open for long periods of time, they may lurk inside and make it their home. So, it is incredibly important to spray insecticide in the holes of the bamboo pole holders and close it when it is not in use. This will prevent them from entering and breeding there.

  1. Plant Pots Trays and Plates

Plant pots trays and plates are crucial to clean. Especially since you water your plants at least twice a day. Stagnant water will pile up if its left unturned. This will attract mosquitoes to breed in those trays and plates. It is good to make it a habit to turn those trays and plates after watering the plants and if you want to be extra cautious, wipe it dry before putting it back into place.

  1. Canvas or Plastic Sheets

Not many people use canvas or plastic sheets. But if you do, remember to let it dry or wipe it dry on alternate days. It is not necessary to do it every day since it won’t get wet as often as other things and areas do but if you want to be extra cautious, feel free to do so.

Of course, there are areas where water cannot be completely removed, like sinks, drains and toilet bowls which means those places are harder to clean. But what you can do is put sandy granular insecticide in them so that it will sink to the bottom and kill any Aedes eggs. It stops them from breeding in those areas. However, do note that you can only add sand granular insecticides in your sink if it has a U-shaped pipe. If you are unsure, do check the insecticide bottle to check for the places where you can use them.

Another way for you to easily prevent the breeding of Aedes is to use Home Scents or Room Scents to diffuse the aroma like Lemongrass and Peppermint, which Aedes mosquitoes hate. HYSSES has various Home Scents and Room Scents that you can easily use around the house to protect your family and your homes from dengue.

You can head onto HYSSES’ eStore to get your hands on it and stock up during this dengue season.

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