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Basic Beauty – Top 3 Natural Skin Care Essentials

Three – that’s the average number of skin care products used by Singaporean women after cleansing. Unsurprisingly, one of the most common reasons why most of us like to keep our routines simple is because layer after layer of product can end up feeling tacky on the skin, especially in tropical weather. Other reasons include hectic lifestyles and a growing sentiment towards the idea that less is more. A pared down skin care regime definitely has its benefits; if it has to only be three, each one ought to count.

1. Floral Mist

Lavender Floral Water

A cleanser will remove most of your make-up but stubborn residue might still remain on your skin, which is why toners are often used to ensure a more thorough cleanse. Toners also balance the skin’s pH levels to ensure that it is in optimum condition for the next step of the skin care routine. Floral mists are a natural alternative to alcohol-based toners that leach moisture from the skin while enhancing its protective barrier with anti-oxidants – rather impressive for a product that feels absolutely weightless and smells divine to boot.

2. Serum

With a clean base, skin is ready to absorb nourishment in the form of essences and serums. Understand your skin well and be sure to read product labels. Choose a product with active ingredients that are stated as the first few on the ingredient list as this means that it is a concentrated product, translating into more bang for your buck. Conversely, a product that features active ingredients further down the ingredient list might mean it contains more fillers than the active ingredients that are responsible for helping you achieve the skin you want. To target a specific skin issue, look out for single-active ingredient serums as they are potent and are likely to offer fast results.

3. Beauty Oil

Rose Hip Beauty Oil

Youthful skin is radiant, supple and plump, all of which requires adequate hydration levels in the skin. As the environment is often drier than our skin, osmosis occurs, causing precious moisture to be lost to the atmosphere. Quench thirsty skin with lotions and creams or get straight to the source by using premium oils with beauty-restoring benefits, dubbed beauty oils, to seal hydration in while conditioning the skin naturally.