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Christmas 2018 Gift Guide: For Her

The season of giving is near and we know that our women sure love surprises from the significant other. What better way to surprise your loved one with one of HYSSES' aromatic products - ranging from scented body lotions to diffusers which you can use on-the-go, in the workplace or at your private sanctuary.

Check out these top 5 recommended gifts for her:

1. Hand Sanitiser

Bear Hand Sanitiser, $10.10

The best gift is one that protects your love interest. HYSSES' Hand Sanitiser is pocket-friendly and discreet enough to store in your everyday bag. Just a little squeeze of this chemical-free sanitiser liquid, you can be sure your delicate hands are safe from bacteria at any time of the day.

2. Car Scenting Clay

Don't let this name fool you - even if she doesn't drive a car, this Scenting Clay device can be placed as almost any surface from the workdesk to her vanity table. Simply add a few drops of essential oil onto the surface area of the clay and allow the scent to slowly diffuse in the area. A great choice for delicate aroma diffusion.

3. Beauty Oil Miniatures, 10ml x3

Women know that moisturising the skin is an important step in a skincare routine. Make sure she only uses the best ingredients for her skin with HYSSES' curated Beauty Oils - formulated with 100% pure, cold-pressed, unrefined oils to bring out the best glow in your girl.

3. Face Care Bundle

For a personalised gift, try mixing and matching the perfect face care bundle for the beautiful queen. Choose any 3 face care products and enjoy up to 25% off the bundle price. Products range from serums for an extra potent treatment, to the ever so gentle Micellar Cleansing Toner for quick and everyday easy removal of makeup.

4. Nebuliser

A nebuliser is a great choice to scent up large living areas such as bedrooms and offices. The strongest diffuser among the rest, you can rest assured that this gift won't disappoint! Add in an essential oil or two for the complete nebuliser package. Unsure of what essential oils to choose for your significant other? Approach our friendly retail staff for some recommendations!