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Considerations when Buying a Car Aroma Diffuser

Buying diffusers for cars can be tricky - you want something that gives off a subtle scent, because you wouldn't want it to be too overbearing to give you a headache while driving, and at the same time something sturdy so that it doesn't topple over when you hit the breaks.

Here are some considerations when looking for a car aroma diffuser

Scent strength
The preferred intensity of the aroma diffuser varies among different users. Some like their cars to smell strong, while some likes a lighter scent that is barely there. When buying, ask yourself if this is the right scent intensity you want, otherwise, you can find an aroma diffuser that allows you to vary the scent strength just like the mini travel nebuliser.

Placing an aroma diffuser in the car can be dangerous, especially if your aroma diffuser contains liquid or if you have a tendency to drive fast. You wouldn't want to mess up your dashboard or car seat, would you? A porous scenting clay that can absorb essential oils and diffuse scent is a great choice for an accident-free aroma diffuser.

Scent choices
When driving, the scents you would want to go for are energizing scents. For example, Rosemary essential oil helps to improve concentration and increases mental awareness. Lemongrass essential oil can also relieve lethargy and strengthen the mind. Of course, you are not restricted to just energizing scents, even floral, or woody scents can be used in the car, as long as you are alert when driving.

Designs are endless when it comes to buying an aroma diffuser. You can have a sophisticated design or a dainty diffuser to suit the interior of the car. The size also matters because some prefer large, eye-catching diffusers like the Good Luck Charm Scenting Clay for it to be the centre of attraction, while others like their diffuser hidden from sight.

If the car is shared among a family, there may be some differing opinions on what scent to put in the car. You may like minty scents when you drive, but once you handover the car to your partner, the same minty scent might give him or her an awful headache. In times like this, maybe a short-term diffuser like the room scent is the better choice for you. Simply spritz before you start your ride and the scent will last throughout your journey. If the next user is driving, the scent will be more or less faded by then.

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