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Covid-19 Anxiety: How Do I Stop Being Unproductive?

Being on lockdown for months on end will definitely take a toll on your physical and mental health. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, your mind will be cluttered with worry and the feeling of insecurity.

The insecurity can stem from many reasons, either its lack of job stability, feeling cooped up, lack of certainty with how this pandemic will change your normal life, or even because of helplessness.

This pandemic was not predicted and has caused so much change which is why it is understandable why almost everyone is having an off day. Think of it this way: You are so used to your normal life and your normal routine that this bump in the road knocked you off course and now you are on another path, leading to an unknown destination.

This unpredictability and change in your life caused a shift that your body and mind cannot cope with. They are having difficulty trying to make sense of what is going on. This is why for some people their brain has taken a fight or flight response and is shutting your body down as it is on high alert. In turn, this is causing your body to feel tired all the time.

You will feel unmotivated to do the things you normally do, and you will be less productive than before. If you’re feeling restless, anxious, on edge, or unproductive, just know that it is okay. There is no way you can have the energy to do normal things because this situation is nowhere near normal.

But if you want to stop feeling this way, there are certain things you can do to reduce these negative feelings.


Exercising helps to get your body moving and distract your mind from the worries in your head. You don’t have to break out in a full exercise routine but just doing small exercises to get your body moving is a good start. You can start with walks around the house and eventually do stretches and mini exercises that only require your body weight.


Reduce your coffee intake! When you wake up or want to do your work at home, try making tea instead of coffee. Coffee makes your anxiety worse and will make you even more restless. Instead, try to make it a habit to drink tea like Chamomile or Lavender to calm yourself down and relax.


If you feel physically tired and sluggish, home scents can be a good start to wake your body up. Do not underestimate the power of scents and aroma. By installing home scent diffusers, you can allow the scents to relax your body and calm your mind. Scents like Lavender can calm you almost instantly.


Again, scents and aroma are a powerful thing. Essential oils can be used to get rid of negative feelings and promote productivity. You can diffuse these in your homes or even apply them topically. Essential oils like lemon can help to clear your mind and promote concentration. It can ease your anger or anxiety as well. Jasmine can also calm your nerves and get rid of negative feelings as it is an anti-depressant. It can elevate your mood, inspire positivity, and revitalize energy.

Doing these things will be sure to give your body and mind a jolt of energy and inspire motivation slowly. You can then feel more awake and more positive to start doing your daily chores or work from home. This can inspire productivity and prevent you from feeling sluggish or lethargic all the time.

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