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Covid-19: Do Our Part to Avoid 2nd Wave

It has been roughly 2 weeks since Phase 2 started in Singapore. 2 weeks since our lives went back to “normal”. However, the end of circuit breaker does not mean that this pandemic is over. There is still roughly 100+ cases in Singapore daily, with a few cases in the community. Wearing a mask and maintaining good hygiene is still important in our fight against Covid-19.

Here are the steps you can take to do your part in the community to fight against Covid-19.


I cannot stress the importance of wearing a mask enough. You need to wear a mask even if you are healthy. If you are in the presence of someone with Covid-19 and you are not wearing a mask, but they are, there is still a chance of you getting infected. If both of you wear a mask, there will be little chances of you getting infected since you are protected by the mask.

So, in conclusion, EVERYONE needs to wear a mask! If young kids can do it, why can’t you?


This is the part that I do not get. If you are feeling ill, why are you still out and about, hanging out with friends and family? During this tough time, it is really important for people to take care of their health even if you are feeling just slightly under the weather. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can hang out with your friends and family when you are 100% better.

If you have respiratory issues and cannot stand wearing a mask, STAY AT HOME. Please stay at home as much as possible unless you absolutely need to go out to get the necessities. Going out without a mask makes you even more at risk due to your respiratory issues.


Just because all the malls and recreational places are open, it does not mean that you HAVE to go to every single one, all over Singapore. Do be cautious as to where you are going and steer clear of crowds, if possible. Be careful not to touch any seats or railings as you do not know if anyone with Covid-19 has been there. If you do touch anything, be sure to wash your hands or sanitize it.

These are just the basic things that you can do to minimize the chances of us getting hit with a 2nd wave of Covid-19. Doing these things not only protect you, but also everyone else around you. As much as possible, do stay at home as that is the safest place you can be without contacting this virus.

Do stay safe and avoid crowds as much as possible.

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