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Both BB cream and cushion foundation are upgraded versions of traditional foundation and both were Korean trends that gone viral world-wide. However, they still are two different  products. So, what is the difference between these two cosmetic siblings?



For those who do not know what these two products are, BB cream is a foundation, primer and moisturizer at the same time while cushion foundation is the liquid version of traditional foundation housed in a compact.



  • Functions

BB Cream is designed as an all-in-one multi-tasker, where it houses tinted coverage, protection (SPF) and daily skincare essences rolled into one. Cushion foundation does have hydrating effects, but it serves more of a coverage instead of a tinted moisturizer.

  • Coverage

Cushion foundation is typically thicker and provides more coverage compared to the BB cream. BB Cream gives a more natural sheer look thus making it appealing for man’s use. However, BB cream can’t cover blemishes like the foundation.

  • Suitability

Cushion foundation is not advised to be used by those with oily skin. Meanwhile, BB cream is suitable for all skin types.



Overall, BB cream is the versatile version of a foundation while cushion foundation is the liquid form of foundation conveniently packed in a small casing. BB cream has more functions, is suitable for all skin types and requires no maintenance at all while BB cream has more coverage as a foundation. So, which do you think is the better one of the two products?

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