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Hair Oils - Are They Really Necessary?

What does you shower routine involve? A quick shampoo before slathering conditioner then rinse and that's it?

Well, you're missing out a whole load of products right there. There's no denying that shampoos and conditioners are all you need for your hair in a quick shower, but what about the pre-shower and the aftercare? Don't forget the regular treatments your hair needs to maintain itself in its best condition.

What does my hair need?

Besides the age old shampoo and conditioner combo, there is still other hair products that can be used before, during and after a shower. Things like hair tonics, scalp oils and hair masks are all out there in the market waiting to be brought home and tried on. While these products will add a few extra minutes to your shower routine, it is essential if you want a healthy head of hair.

What hair products are there?

Great question. Let's find out.

1. Thinning hair and split ends are some of the causes of a dry, undernourished scalp. Hair tonics, or some people call them scalp tonics, contain fatty acids which replaces lipids in your hair. This helps the scalp to hold the hair strands to prevent hair fall. Additionally, tonics help to provide nourishment to the scalp and hair as they get weaker over time by UV exposure and pollution.

2. Like a conditioner, hair masks nourish and strength the hair from roots to tips. Hair masks are formulated with rich ingredients like oils, butters and creams. With each ingredient working its magic on every strand of hair, the result is softer, stronger and shinier hair. That being said, if you are a user of hair styling tools that uses heat, a hair mask is a must for you to prevent further damage to your hair.

3. A hair wash isn't going to give you that shine you are seeking for, neither will it tame those frizzy flyaways. What you need is a hair serum. It is an instant remedy that can be used after showering, right before you leave your home. Hair serums can be used on both semi-wet or dry hair, it is also versatile as a styling product to keep your hair sleek.

Are these products really necessary?

 If you want softer and healthier hair, then the answer is a simple yes.

People tend to neglect the fact that like our skin, hair also has its growth cycle and this cycle changes on its own as you age. Problems that didn't exist when you were younger may soon start appearing now, whether it's brittle hair, split ends or greying hairs.

Regular shampoo and conditioner are purely for maintenance purposes, to keep your hair free from dirt and grime. But that alone does not provide enough nourishment to your hair, much less to the scalp. If you desire healthier hair, or if you are experiencing scalp issues like dandruff, itchiness and hair fall, maybe it's time to look into having an additional hair product on top on your current.