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How can Rosemary Essential Oil Strengthen Your Hair

Caring for your hair is no easy task for anyone. If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or other scalp related issues, maybe it’s time to look into natural remedies instead of just relying on commercial products.

One ingredient you can use to strengthen your hair is Rosemary essential oil. Rosemary contains hair strengthening properties and nutrients which can encourage hair growth, prevent hair loss and add that lustrous shine to your hair. Here are some ways you can incorporate Rosemary Essential Oil into your usual hair care regimen.

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Rosemary Hot Oil treatment

To perform this hot oil treatment, first lay a towel over the shoulders to prevent any oil from dripping onto the clothes and skin. Add 2 spoonfuls of a carrier oil e.g. coconut oil and 4-5 drops of Rosemary essential oil into a heat safe bowl. Heat the contents over a warmer for a couple of minutes. Stir the contents to ensure that the essential oil and carrier oil are thoroughly mixed. Remove the bowl from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Using a flat brush, gently apply a generous amount of oil onto the scalp and massage firmly. Leave the oil to soak into the hair for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with shampoo.

Frequency: once a week

Rosemary Hair Rinse

If you wish to use your usual hair care products, why not incorporate Rosemary water during your hair rinsing? Before your shower, boil a pot of water and add a few drops of Rosemary essential oil while the water is steaming hot. Allow the water to cool slightly while you shower. After shampooing your hair, rinse off with the Rosemary water before applying conditioner. After 10 minutes, perform a final rinse with the remaining Rosemary water and give your scalp a soothing massage, allowing the essential oils to set into the hair. Blow dry on a cool setting for a healthy finish.

Frequency: once a week

Rosemary Conditioner

D-I-Y your own natural Rosemary conditioner using 100% pure Rosemary essential oil! Mix 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 10 drops of Rosemary essential oil into an empty spray bottle. Shake well. After showering, while the hair is still wet, spritz the Rosemary conditioner a few times all over the hair and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

To create a thicker consistency of conditioner, swap the apple cider vinegar and water with 1 cup of coconut oil and stir with a spatula. Once the mixture is thoroughly combined, transfer into an empty jar. Apply onto hair after shampoo and rinse off after 10 minutes.

Frequency: Once every two days

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