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HYSSES Picks the Top 5 Gifts for Her This Valentines

February 14 is a date that is widely known across the world as the day of love. It is also the day where you see couples present gifts as an act of love towards one another. If you are still racking your brains trying to find the perfect gift your your partner, here's 5 gift ideas from HYSSES that make pique your interest!

1. For the girly girl

Balkan Rosa Perfume

Balkan Rosa Aromatherapy Perfume, 100ml

It is a meeting of heavyweights of the East and the West, Indian Sandalwood with Bulgarian rose, that grows into a richly addictive scent with an old world charm of the Balkan Mountains.

2. The jet setter

Aromatherapy Perfume Set

Aromatherapy Perfume Set of 5

100% essential oil blended body scent, HYSSES' Aromatherapy Perfume Set consist of 5 signatory scents which are presented by the essential oils harvested from the place of origin as named in each of the perfume. Apart from perfuming the body with the natural scents, these essential oils also offer therapeutic help with emotional health and physical wellness. 

3. The nature loverBig Bloom Solar Diffuser

Big Bloom Solar Diffuser

Most diffusers make a room especially inviting and well-scented, but the Big Bloom solar diffuser takes it further. Its petals, hand-carved from tree barks, absorb and diffuse scent while slowly displaying colours with ever-changing intensity. Be sure to take a moment to appreciate the spectacle.

4. The elegant dancer

Pink Tulip Electric Burner

Pink Tulip Electric Burner

Undoubtedly a beautiful addition to any home, each HYSSES aroma burner is carefully crafted by hand with the finest materials. 

This electric burner is crafted in bone china. It features a deep bowl and a separate base for easy installation of the light bulb. An electric burner saves you the hassle of buying tealight candles constantly.

5. The creative artist

Essential Oil Premium Kit

Essential Oil Premium Kit

Consist of 10 different oils from our Single-Note, Remedies, Chakras and Specialty oil collection, experience the abundant benefits from HYSSES' essential oil through this Premium Kit