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Aromatherapy is very suitable for newly-wed couples. This is because getting married can be very stressful due to financial issues and wedding planning. Aromatherapy will reduce the stress and tension with benefits from the essential oils such as enhancing mood, relaxing muscles and calming effects. Aromatherapy is definitely a gift that will revitalize the couple and they will enjoy it together. Some suggestions of great aromatherapy wedding gifts include:

  • Dainty Reed Diffuser

This is the best gift for a newly-wed couple in their new home. It creates a calming environment in their home and is an elegant addition to their home décor. It also requires no maintenance at all unlike other types of diffusers. The scent from the reed diffuser improves their sleep and therefore enhances their quality of life.


  • Jasmine Absolute

 Jasmine essential oil can be used as a massage oil to alleviate any possible muscle stress and reduce muscle and joint pain that might have occurred when they were planning the wedding. Jasmine essential oil also acts as a natural aphrodisiac and are great for reducing anxiety, clearing their minds which creates an exotic and romantic effect. You can make your gift even better by getting both the reed diffuser and jasmine for the newly-wed couple to disperse the scent throughout the house.


  • Lavender Beeswax Candle

It will improve the mood of the newly-wed couple since they have been under stress for a long time when planning the wedding. It also acts as an insect repellent so the couple can be assured that there will be no pests in their bedroom. It also enhances the ambiance of their bedroom which will make them feel comfortable and well-rested.


These three items are some of the best wedding gifts you can find at HYSSES. They will definitely create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere at home for the newly-wed couple. They will be surprised by how thoughtful and beneficial your gifts are.

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