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Skincare Danger Series: Silicone

What are silicones?

Silicones are a type of semi-liquid matter formed from silica. In most skincare products, silicones are used to create a protective layer over the skin which smoothens the skin texture and hydrates the skin. However, as good as it may sound, silicones does have quite a number of harmful effects.

Harmful Effects

  • Traps dirt in your pores

The protective layer not only locks in the moisture for your skin, it also traps dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat, sebum etc. This will cause an increase in acne outbreaks.

  • Dehydrates your skin

As mentioned earlier, silicones will clog your pores. This prevents moisture from entering your skin pores.

  • Interference with cell restoration

Our skin renews itself every month where old skin cells are cast off and replaced with new skin cells. Silicones slow this process down by affecting the production of new skin cells. Skin conditions such as scars, redness, pigmentation will take longer to heal.

  • Stops the skin from absorbing other substances

This is very troublesome in a skincare routine. The protective layer of silicones will affect the skin penetration capability of other ingredients, thus affecting the effectiveness of your skincare routine.

  • Non-permanent benefits

While the product may claim to hydrate your skin, it is simply a short-term smoothing of your skin texture. You should use products with natural ingredients instead as they will have no harmful side effects unless you are allergic to them.



As you have read, silicones have many disadvantages and the hydrating effect it is supposed to have is only temporary. So, the next time you buy a skincare product, check the label for any silicones.

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