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Life After Covid-19: What Will Happen to Those Cheap Budget Holidays

COVID-19 has made it that much more difficult for us to relax and go on our annual holiday. 2020 has been so difficult and we are not even allowed to take a break? That is just cruel. But alas, our health is of utmost importance. Hence, we have to be careful and cautious when it comes to planning our holidays after this pandemic.

The best choice is, of course, to halt our plans for a relaxing holiday since there is no telling when this pandemic will end, or even if it will be safe enough to travel. However, that does not mean that we are not entitled to a day full of relaxation. We can always have our own spa day at home.

  1. Set the mood

In order to have a fully immersive spa day, you need to set the mood. Get your robe out of the closet and be prepared to relax. Tidy your room and make it as close to how the spa would be like.

  1. Personalize it for yourself

Cater it to your liking. Prepare massage oils if you want a massage. Prepare various face masks if you prefer that instead. Whatever it is, be sure its catered to what you prefer so that you can have a fully relaxed day.

  1. Prepare your scents

The best thing about an at-home spa is you can pick your scents and D.I.Y your own blend. From Lavender to Rose Geranium, there are various scents to choose from. You can create your own blend to diffuse it or simply pick your favorite candle scent. With HYSSES, you can get your hands on almost every scent via the eStore!

  1. Soak in a bath with essential oils

To kick start the spa day, soak yourself in a bath with essential oils. Allow the aroma to calm you down and work their magic on the tension in your body. Simply put 6 – 8 drops of your favorite scent in your bath.

  1. Put your masks on

From your bath, you can put your favorite hair mask or face mask and plop yourself on your bed or couch and switch that TV on! HYSSES has a lot of hair masks and face masks for you to choose from as well. From Lavender Hinoki Hair masks to Frankincense Patchouli Clay Mask, you can have it all at HYSSES!

With all of that prepared, just relax and get your mind off things. Covid-19 has caused a lot of tension in your body and has taken a toll on your mind. You deserve to get a full at-home spa day and let all your worries disappear.

If you wish to get your hands on any face masks or scented candles, you can head on to our eStore to purchase them.

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