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Natural Cures For Most Common Ailments with Aromatherapy Oils

Falling sick in inevitable in life. When it comes to your personal well-being, what's most important is you know your body well, and you care for your body with a healthy lifestyle and diet. In common ailments, your bodies are able to naturally fight off the illness on its own without the need for medication. But when your immune system is weak, and being under attack, your body may be at risk of damage if the illness is not treated in a timely manner.

Introducing aromatherapy - an alternative solution to man-made medication. Aromatherapy is an unconventional method to treating common ailments, partially because using essential oils as a treatment method may not sound convincing to some, but for those who have tried it, have came forward with stories of how essential oils are by far the most natural treatment method for people of all ages.

Read on to find out what are some of the common ailments and how each can be easily treated with essential oils.


Respiratory issues like sinus, colds and flu are common ailments that can affect anyone of all ages, in rainy seasons and tropical weather, the prevalence is higher, and some may even suffer from sinus on a daily basis. To treat such respiratory issues some essential oils you can use are:


Fever is actually a sign of your body fighting an infection - which is a good thing. But prolonged high fever is a cause for concern. Mild fever can be simply treated by diffusing essential oil into the atmosphere while you rest in bed and recuperate, if you need a stronger kick, rub the essential oils onto your feet and wear a sock over. Essential oils for fevers include:

Body aches and pain

Backaches, cramps and joint pain is part and parcel of growing old. If you've had an intense workout session the day before, you will also experience some aches here and there. A simple massage can do the trick of unknotting your muscles, or if you prefer self treatment with aromatherapy, then try mixing a carrier oil with some of these oils for you own self massage:


Headaches normally don't affect the user from doing simple everyday tasks, but some headaches can be so intense that it restricts the person from functioning simple activities. While it can go away on its own after a few hours or days, having a headache is a feeling that not everyone likes. Here are some oils that can rid your headache as quickly as possible:


Trouble sleeping? If you've been up at night trying hard to sleep, then you may have insomnia. While it may not sound harmful, sleep deprivation may affect concentration, mood and appetite. That is why sleep is so important for a healthy body. To help you to fall asleep better, try using these essential oils in the evening before your bedtime:


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