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Scenting Your Home Series: Nebuliser vs Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

This is the first article of a series called ‘Scenting Your Home”. I will compare the pros and cons of the various ways you can diffuse the scent of the essential oils in your home. From diffusers to devices, I will cover them all in this series. This article is focused on the two devices of HYSSES: the nebuliser and the ultrasonic mist diffuser.



  • Uses full potential of essential oil. The essential oil in the nebuliser is atomised into tiny particles and then dispersed into the environment in the form of a waterless mist. The scent of this mist will be much stronger compared to the diluted mist of ultrasonic diffusers.
  • The nebuliser is much more decorative compared to the ultrasonic diffuser. Nebulisers come in many unique shapes and uses a wooden base. This makes the nebuliser look aesthetically pleasing and is a great home decoration.
  • Shorter time for cleaning. When cleaning a nebuliser, all you have to do is to swirl the cleaning solution in the glass chamber and submerge the glass tip in cleaning solution.


  • Uses more essential oil. Since the essential oil in a nebuliser cannot be diluted, users have to consistently pour in more essential oil because nebulisers will use it up more quickly compared to ultrasonic mist diffusers.


Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser


  • Air is humidified. The Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser atomizes the water and the essential oil which creates immediate humidification of the air. This is good for us because low air humidity will cause us to have irritated mucous membranes and dry skin.
  • Reduces dust in the air. The ultrasonic mist diffuser acts as an ioniser, it releases negative ions which attaches to positive ions. This causes the dust in the air to fall to the ground
  • They are cheap due to availability of mass produced plastic version of ultrasonic machine. However, essential oils may degrade & melt the plastics and form toxic compounds hence it is recommended to match compatible materials such as glass, ceramics, wood with essential oils. HYSSES Utrasonic Mist diffuser is handcrafted using glass, ceramics or wood to ensure integrity in the benefits of the essential oils are maintained.


  • Weaker scent that possibly has lesser square footage covered compared to nebulisers. This is because essential oils are diluted in the water reservoir in the diffuser before being converted into a water mist and dispersed into the environment.
  • Longer cleaning time. Compared to nebulisers, there are extra steps in the cleaning process for ultrasonic mist diffusers such as discarding of residual and dampening the tissue paper with cleaning solution before wiping the glass bowl with it.


The nebuliser produces a stronger scent and is a great addition to the house décor while the diffuser purifies and humidifies the air. Both products have their unique advantages and disadvantages so it depends on what the user is really looking for in the product that disperses the essential oils’ scent.

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