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The Medicinal Wonders of Frankincense Essential Oil

A superstar in the world of therapeutic oils, Frankincense requires no introduction. But beyond its characteristically luxurious yet spiritual scent, herein lies the real gold: its remarkable ability to heal.

It is unsurprising that Frankincense is a prized ingredient in skin care products, going by its impressive resume. Let's take a look at what Frankincense can do for our overall health and wellness:

Physical Appearance

Well-known for its cicatrisant properties, Frankincense fades blemished skin such as acne scars and stretch marks while encouraging cellular regeneration. The overall result is younger skin that looks clearer and healthier. Its beauty benefits are further enhanced by its diuretic properties that enable the body to release toxins and excess water.

Internal Support

This multi-hyphenator supports proper bodily functions ranging from enabling regular bowel movements to creating the appearance taut skin; this is attributed to its astringent qualities that help in the contracting of skin, muscles and blood vessels. As an emenagogue, Frankincense also regulates menstruation while alleviating problems associated with Post Menstrual Syndrome such as nausea and abdominal cramps. 

Mental Support

Also known as an antidepressant that aids in reducing stress and anxiety, Frankincense helps with lowering heart rate and high blood pressure caused by stress. For those with trouble falling asleep because of fleeting thoughts in the night, Frankincense can work as a sleep aid to naturally allow your body to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Immunity Against Infections

In addition to increasing absorption of important nutrients, the anti-septic properties of Frankincense helps rid phlegm while fortifying the body’s immune system. The soothing nature of this woody scent extends to breathing issues as well, providing relief for cough, bronchitis and congestion along the respiratory tract.

Frankincense essential oil have been used for healing for centuries, and is still being used as a form of traditional healing today. Ranging from home scents to face products, HYSSES has successfully incorporated this medicinal resin into products that we can use in our daily lives to improve and enhance our health. With a little bit of essential oil wonder, we can change our well-being tremendously. Shop now at HYSSES today.