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What is Anti-Mosquito Soothing Lotion Mist?

As the name suggests, the main function of this product is to protect users from mosquitoes. Unlike the standard mosquito repellent, this lotion mist will keep mosquitoes at bay for many hours. It does not leave any residue on the skin which keeps the skin feeling normal and natural. It has a spray application thus it makes it easy for users to reach parts of the body that are unreachable via topical application.

What is unique about Anti-Mosquito Soothing Lotion Mist?

It is DEET-free

Another name for DEET is diethyltoluamide, the most common active ingredient in insect repellents. While insect repellents containing DEET are very effective, DEET may have some harmful side effects. DEET can cause skin irritation and in some cases, it may cause severe epidermal reactions. Other side effects include headaches, burning eyes and difficulty when breathing. DEET should also not be used on children under 2 months of age. Since HYSSES’ anti-mosquito soothing lotion mist is DEET-free, you do not need to worry about potential harmful side effects.

Essential oils as ingredients

It uses neem, citronella and camphor essential oils as its key ingredients. These essential oils are natural mosquito repellents. Neem essential oil also contains Vitamin E which prevents the loss of skin moisture and itches. This product is essential for your hiking trips.


It also contains calendula officinalis flower extract. It is good for soothing sore and inflamed skin conditions. It also speeds up the recovery of minor wounds.


This anti-mosquito soothing lotion mist is much better than the standard mosquito repellent. Besides being effective, it is also safe and fully natural.

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