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Why Do You Need Beauty Oils in Your Skincare Routine?

Glowing skin. It's hard to achieve it when you look in the mirror and you see dry, uneven patches and dull skin. When you've exhausted all possibilities - sunscreens, eye creams, lotions, and serums but are still facing such concerns, maybe it's time to take a look at another beauty product that you wouldn't have thought of using in the first place.

Beauty Oils

Unlike common skincare products, beauty oils (also known as face oils) are often the most overlooked products in the beauty department. Remember when you were still in your adolescent years, struggling with overactive sebaceous glands giving you all sorts of problems like acne and blackheads? Glad you have managed to get over them. Now, imagine the thought of putting oils back onto your skin, and relieving your traumatic adolescent year all over again.

As scary as it sounds, putting oils on your face isn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact, beauty oils have been used for fixing a variety of skin concerns since the middle ages.

Here are 5 good reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of applying beauty oils onto your skin.

1. Beauty Oils penetrate deeper into skin than lotions or creams

Unlike normal lotions or creams, oils are one of the few substances that can penetrate deep into your skin. Like a serum, Beauty oils are said to be targeted solutions for common skin problems like fine lines and dull skin because of its ability to reach into the innermost layers of the skin to work is magic.

2. Beauty Oils are excellent anti-ageing supplements

 Our skin needs oil to maintain a healthy balance. If your skin is too dry, the dehydration will set your skin to an overdrive which can cause unsightly wrinkles and fine lines. Also, by keeping your face moisturised, you are also protecting your skin from environmental damage which are also triggers for skin ageing.

3. Beauty Oils are as good as a facial moisturiser

Or even better. Here's why. Face creams, when applied onto your skin, sit on top of your epidermis layer rather than soaking into the skin. Of course, when you apply them, you achieve a smooth, velvety finish. But that's only because the cream is still not fully absorbed into the skin. This means that you are actually not getting the full nourishment of the product. Beauty oils gives you just the right amount of moisturizing, and even helps to seal in the moisture without any oily afterfeel.

4. Beauty Oils protects your skin from changes

It is a lie to say that the skin doesn't change from time to time. With every change, comes a different concern - things like oily skin which you may have in your adolescent years may have evolved into troubled pigmentation now. Or your dry, patchy skin which you had last year is replaced with signs of ageing. Here's where beauty oils come in. These oils do not just do one job, they are capable of addressing your every skin concern from acne to sensitivity. Applying beauty oils also stabilises your skin condition from worsening, so that's a plus point too.

5. Beauty Oils make your skin glow

Yes, it does. And we are not talking about the greasy shine - it is the literal beauty glow that every woman has dreamed of. Beauty oil keeps your skin adequately moisturised, healthy and brimming with a natural glow of confidence.