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Car Vent Clay Diffuser Green

Simple to use and ideal for delicate aroma diffusion, this handy scenting clay is the perfect companion for a fresh, well-scented ride. Clip the clay piece to your air vent or stick onto any metal surface with its attached magnet.
  • Enjoy the beneficial effects of lemongrass essential oil to uplift fatigued minds and energize the body, making driving and trips in the car more pleasant.
  • Apply 5 – 12 drops of essential oil onto the clay using the roll-on applicator provided. When the essential oil has been fully absorbed, attached the metal clip to the magnetised back of the scenting clay. Gently secure the metal clip to a car vent flap to allow scent diffusion. Alternatively, the scenting clay piece may also be attached to flat metal surfaces such as a fridge. For optimal diffusion, leave the diffuser in the box overnight before display. To refresh a faded scent, add 3 – 8 drops of essential oil. Wipe scenting clay with a soft cloth regularly to prevent dust from sticking to its surface.

    Handle with care; ceramic is fragile. Avoid spilling essential oil on plastic or painted surfaces. Keep out of reach from children and pets.
  • Scent:
    Steam-distilled Lemongrass from Thailand

    Scenting Clay
    Vent Clip
    Lemongrass essential oil 5ml
    Refill may be purchased separately at any HYSSES boutiques or online store.