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Nebuliser, Hermiz

The latest series of HYSSES Aroma Nebuliser that operates either with or without an adaptor. With an in-built battery that will operate for up to 6 hours, you can easily relocate and move the nebuliser anywhere. The machine comes with Safety Mark and local technical after-sales support services.

The Aroma Nebuliser is often considered the best type of machine for the therapeutic use of essential oil diffusion. It uses cold air nebulising technology to break down the essential oils into microdroplets which are then dispersed into the air as a mist. These microdroplets are the optimum size for inhalation through the lungs, entering the bloodstream and allowing deep therapeutic action. In addition, the microdroplets are able to stay suspended in the air for longer periods of time, maximising the scenting effects and therapeutic benefits of essential oil.

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  • Nebulisers were the first medical devices used to treat lung conditions - thus especially effective in essential oil aromatherapy sessions or treating respiratory issues such as breathing problems while sleeping.

    Large area scent diffusion: 100 to 500 SQF

    The best type of device for aromatherapy therapeutic use

      • Flame-free, non-hazardous
      • 3 different scent intensity
      • Scent intensity: ~5/5
      • Scent Longevity: Very Lasting
      • Portable, Wireless
      • Auto-off Function
      • Light Selection

  • Directions

    • Remove the glass chamber from the base. To pour essential oil in, tilt the glass chamber.
    • Use 30 - 40 drops of pure essential oil only.
    • Avoid dilutions or compositions (water or jojoba oil).
    • To prevent damage to the nebuliser, oil volume should not exceed the midpoint of the inner misting stem within the glass chamber.

    • Always wipe the outer glass in case of oil spillage from damaging the rubber tubing in the base.
    • Insert the glass chamber to the base by slowly pushing downwards and rotating slightly as you go.
    • To operate the nebuliser, connect the provided adapter to the base and plug it into an electrical outlet. Alternatively, you may run the machine with the use of the rechargeable battery.
    • To switch on your nebuliser, press the button once.
    • Turn the dial clockwise to adjust the diffusion strength and intensity.

    • Touch the sun icon and adjust the lighting accordingly.
    • To toggle between the various misting mode, press the switch button again. There are 3 misting modes to toggle.
    • To switch off your nebuliser, press the switch button the 4th time.

      • Remove the glass chamber from the base.
      • Make sure there is no more content in the chamber.
      • Pour 30ml of the Cleaning Solution into the glass chamber, swirl several times and discard the contents.
      • Pour another 10ml of Cleaning Solution and run the machine for 3 minutes.
      • Once done, switch off the machine and discard the solution.
      • Leave the glass chamber to dry completely before placing it back onto the base.

    100 to 500 SQF

    Auto-off Function

    This nebuliser features up to 6 hours of misting.

    The following operating modes:

    • Press on 1st time (indicator light blink once) - Misting for 1 minute, pausing for 2 minutes
    • Press on 2nd time (indicator light blink twice) - Misting for 2 minutes, pausing for 1 minute
    • Press on 3rd time (indicator light blink thrice) - Misting for 5 minutes, pausing for 1 minute
    • As a safety feature, the misting function switches off automatically after 6 hours or you can switch off the nebuliser by pressing the switch button for the 4th time.

    • Glass Funnel (depends on model)
    • Glass Chamber
    • Wooden Base
    • Adapter
    • Instruction Booklet
    • Warranty Card
    Essential oil and cleaning solution are sold separately.

    Product Warranty:

    This product comes with a 6 months limited warranty from the date of purchase. Please register your warranty here within 7 days of purchase in order to activate warranty protection for this purchase.

    Malfunction of product due to non-compliance in the product maintenance and require periodic cleaning and other terms and conditions stated in the warranty card applies in all situations.

    HYSSES reserves the right not to honour any replacement nor refund due to infringement of warranty terms & conditions.

    W14cm H13.1cm

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