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Clay Diffusers

Clay diffusers are simple to use and ideal for delicate aroma diffusion. Enjoy the combination of natural fragrance and distinctive decorative style to create a therapeutic atmosphere in the freedom of your private sanctuary.


  • Remove the ceramic figurine from the base with care
  • Pour the essential oil-based diffuser oil into the vase
  • Replace the ceramic figurine into the vase, immerse the cotton string in the diffuser oil
  • Over time, your favourite scent will diffused into the atmospheric air


 Suitable For Use In: Well-circulated, enclosed areas. 
Diffusion Rate: 60ml – 1 to 2months
Factors such as hot, dry weather, air-conditioning and drafts may affect the evaporation rate of your diffuser.
Refill: Home Scent refills may be purchased at any HYSSES boutiques.

Changing Scent for Diffusion:

Changing the scent for your clay diffuser is possible but only applicable for the first attempt, and to clay pieces that have only absorbed oil for less than a month. Subsequent switches lower the effectiveness of diffusion. Over time, oils are absorbed into the core part of the porous ceramic and it will be very challenging to execute a thorough scent change.
Please note that it will not be possible to remove any oil-induced discolouration left on the clay.

To Perform a Scent Change:

1. Immerse the entire part of ceramic piece into a deep bowl of boiling hot water. Leave the ceramic piece to soak.
(at least 2 hours for small ceramic pieces; at least 6-8 hours for bigger ceramic pieces.) The essential oils present in the ceramic piece will be released into the boiling water when submerged.
2. Repeat Step 1 with a fresh bowl of boiling hot water until the scent in the ceramic piece is fully faded.
3. Remove the ceramic piece from the water and leave it in the open to dry completely.
4. Cleanse the case container/vase with Cleaning Solution (available for sale in-stores)
5. Fill in your new diffuser oil and carefully place on the dried ceramic piece onto the mouth of the base container. Ensure that the end tip of the ceramic piece is soaked in the new diffuser oil to allow initial absorption for diffusion.


We do not recommend changing of scent for more than twice for the same ceramic piece as this might result in a mixture of scents depending on the remains of the original scent left in the ceramic piece.

The process above may result in the following:

  • The colour of the ceramic piece is subject to changes due to the natural colouring properties of the selected essential oils present in the diffuser oil. 
  • The duration required for the fading of the original scent in ceramic piece (submerged in boiling water) depends on
    - the concentration intensity of the essential oils;
    - the size of the ceramic piece and;
    - total period of time this piece of ceramic has been used in the previous scent

    (long period of usage in previous scent = longer time required for the fading of scent in water). 


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from smoke and flame. Do not place the diffuser near any plastic surfaces, e.g. car console. Diffuser oil contains pure essential oils, and is incompatible with plastic surfaces. All essential oils are extracted from plants and may contain natural sediments. Colour of oil may vary due to different harvests and does not affect product quality.