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Momentz Nebuliser

The Nebuliser is often considered the best type of machine for therapeutic use of essential oil diffusion. The chic and beautiful MOMENTZ adopts high quality eco-friendly aluminum material. The MOMENTZ incorporates an atomiser head which atomises the essential oil thoroughly with no residue, no effusion, ensure uniform particles and rapid diffusion. These microdroplets are the optimum size for inhalation through the lungs, entering the bloodstream and allowing deep therapeutic action. 

  • Nebulisers were the first medical devices used to treat lung conditions - thus especially effective in essential oil aromatherapy sessions or treating respiratory issues such as breathing problems while sleeping.

    Large area scent diffusion: 50 to 400 SQF

    The best type of device for aromatherapy therapeutic use

    • Flame-free, non-hazardous
    • Has a dial for scent intensity control
    • Scent intensity: ~5/5
    • Scent Longevity: Very Lasting
    • Portable/Battery Operated Option
  • Directions

    Rotate to take out atomiser head.

    Rotate to take out the bottle and fill it with essential oil or to replace the empty bottle with HYSSES 10ml Essential Oil bottle.

    Install atomiser head and start setting.

    Plug in, or ensure that the battery is fully charged.

    Press and hold the ON/OFF button to switch the machine ON or OFF.

    • Mode indicator for Mist 0.5 minutes, Pause 3 Minutes.
    • Mode indicator for Mist 1 minute, Pause 2 Minutes.
    • Mode indicator for Mist 2 minutes, Pause 1 Minute.

    Machine can operate for 1, 2, or 4 hours.


    • Pour 10ml of HYSSES Cleaning Solution into the existing emptied essential oil bottle and clean it thoroughly.
    • Alternatively, you may pour the cleaning solution into another empty essential oil bottle (10ml) and clean it thoroughly.
    • With the cleaned bottle, pour another 10ml of HYSSES Cleaning Solution into the bottle and fit it back into the atomiser.
    • Switch on the machine and let it run for 10 minutes.
    • When everything is done, switch off the power.
    • Pour away the excess HYSSES Cleaning Solution and replaced back with essential oils.

    To ensure the Momentz Nebuliser is working in good condition, please do a thorough cleaning and maintenance on a weekly basis.

    50 - 400 SQF

    Auto-off Function
    MOMENTZ nebuliser features one-hour, two-hour, and four-hour cycles of misting with the following operating modes:
    - Misting for 2 minutes, pausing for 1 minute
    - Misting for 1 minute, pausing for 2 minutes
    - Misting for 0.5 minutes, pausing for 3 minutes
    As a safety feature, the misting function switches off automatically after the respective cycles are completed.

    Nebuliser Diffuser Body
    Atomiser Head
    Essential Oil Bottle
    Type-C Cable
    Instruction Booklet
    Warranty Card
    Essential oil and cleaning solution are sold separately.

    Product Warranty:
    This product comes with a 1-month limited warranty from the date of purchase. Please register your warranty here.

    W7cm H13.7cm

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