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5 Best Aromatherapy Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is round the corner and what better way to say thanks than to give Dad a new fancy aromatherapy diffuser?

We all know aromatherapy and Dads hardly mix because fathers are seen to be rugged and too masculine to be using aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils, but that's not true! Aromatherapy is for everyone, even dear Daddy.

Here are 5 aromatherapy gift ideas for every father out there:

1. Owl Diffuser (Yuzu Grapefruit)


Yuzu, hailing all the way from Japan, is a close resemblance of what freshness smells like. It has a tart, citrus scent which is invigorating yet surprisingly therapeutic at the same time. Combined with its fruity partner, Grapefruit, this blend gives the perfect zing to gloomy mornings. The ceramic owl is also a significance of knowledge and wisdom, so if you want to chummy with your Dad this Father's day, then this would be the perfect gift for him.

2. Moulin Joli Diffuser (Lavender Hinoki)

This moulin joli diffuser is encased in a wooden box, which makes it an impressionable gift for anyone. Consisting of a black vase and a handmade ceramic dragonfly decor, this fancy diffuser spells out elegance from every angle. Accompanied with the vase is a bottle of Lavender Hinoki home scent, which plays in important role in ensuring good respiratory health. For Dads who needs a little boost in his respiratory health, this is one gift that shows your caring heart and love towards him.

3. HYSSES Refresh Set

A specially curated bundle set just for Dads! This bundle includes Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner in Neroli Lemongrass scent. Its top benefits are detoxifying and regulating moisture and oil levels in the skin. Not only is Lemongrass the signature scent of HYSSES, the addition of Neroli makes this scent unique and memorable for all users.

For a limited time only, you get to purchase this set at SGD$77.70 with a special coupon code: ILOVEDAD

4. Mini Travel Nebuliser

Photo of Mini Travel Nebuliser

A mini travel nebuliser is the perfect gift to place in Dad's office. Nebulisers are also much stronger compared to burners as dilution with water is not needed. What's great about nebulisers is the flexibility of switching essential oils whenever you like - if you need a perk-me-up scent, try Peppermint, or if you want something relaxing, then Bergamot will do the trick!

5. Car Vent Clay

A nifty device for Dad's car! Freshen up your Dad's ride with the scent of Lemongrass. Not only is the scent useful in beating lethargy, Lemongrass also help to increase clarity and alertness, which is extremely helpful in long car rides. All Dad have to do is just clip the car clay onto the air con vent of the car and get started on his drive. The air flow from the air con vent will do its job in diffusing the scent throughout the car.