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[NEW LAUNCH] Nourishing Scalp Tonic

When shampoos and conditioners have done its job in your daily hair cleansing routine, what more can you do for your hair? Going beyond the superficial care for your hair and scalp, HYSSES has launched a new product that works on the inside of your scalp to give you the nourishment that hair cleansing products could never achieve.

Nourishing Scalp Tonic

What is it?
Scalp Tonics are proclaimed to be a secret hair booster to the standard shampoo and conditioner routine. Made with extracts of Rosemary, Tea Tree, Hinoki, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Coconut and Argan, HYSSES Nourishing Scalp Tonic is a 100% botanical pre-shampoo hair remedy for oily or dry dandruff, sensitive scalp. Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, it surfaces and rebalances the scalp while improving hair texture and strengthen the hair shaft.

What does it do?
HYSSES Nourishing Scalp tonic comes in a water-like consistency, which makes penetration into the scalp easier than most hair creams and masks, additionally, scalp tonics are quick to absorb, leaving no oily or some would say, greasy residue on the scalp. The last thing you would want on your list of concerns would be dealing with an oily scalp, don't you?

 How to Use

1. Starting with dry hair, section your hair into equal parts.

2. Hold the scalp tonic tube upright with the nozzle facing upwards and unscrew the cap to open.

3. Invert the scalp tonic and apply scalp tonic directly with the tube nozzle.

4. Begin at the centre of the affected area and then to the other sections of the scalp.

5. Massage gently on your scalp.

6. Leave on for at least 30 minutes or overnight before shampooing it off.

How often? 
For optimum results, you should use the scalp tonic concurrently with a HYSSES Shampoo and Conditioner. Repeat this application for 12 weeks on alternate days. And for best results, continue with regular use of twice weekly after hair condition is under control. This will maintain healthy glowing hair that you have always dreamed of!

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Nourishing Scalp Tonic