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A Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy Massage

A massage is the most soothing way to release stress and tension accumulated in the body after a long week at work. The best time to have a massage is when you’re on a vacation, free from the stressors of your workplace. But how often can we find the time to go on a holiday when time is such a sacred commodity in this fast-paced city?

If you can’t drop your work and take a week-long vacation, you will be glad to know that you can still have your well-deserved break in the comfort of your own home. Of course, you’ll need a partner for this! How else are you going to enjoy when you’re alone?

Why Aromatherapy Massage?

There are plenty of massages which you can find in spas, some use hot stone therapy, while others have vichy showers. While each massage has their own benefits, aromatherapy massage is something which you can incorporate into a basic massage, and it is also something you can do it at home without any high-end spa equipment. All you need is a cosy room, a comfortable bed and some soothing music to give you the ultimate massage experience.

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Basic Massage Techniques
  1. Shoulder

A shoulder massage is good for de-stressing and getting rid of tension. Massaging the shoulder also helps to relax the entire body and soothe a stressed mind. Start by applying a small amount of massage oil onto your hand and place them along the shoulders with your thumbs on the upper part of the back. Start to make figure 8 motions by circling the left and right shoulder blades. Bear in mind not to lift up your palms unnecessarily so as to not break the motion of the massage step.

  1. Back

From the shoulders, glide your palms along the spinal muscles to your sacrum. The muscles, also known as the “erector spinae” can be located on the left and right side of the spine. The pressure should not be placed on the spine itself, but on the muscles beside it. You will be able to feel some muscle knots as you glide down. Try adding some slight pressure as your go over the knots to loosen them up.

  1. Lower back

At the sacrum, use your knuckles to stimulate the pressure points. This helps to relieve pain associated with digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhoea. Massaging the sacrum also helps to boost blood circulation to the rest of the body.

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