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How to Blend Your Own Massage Oil

Massages can be a very relaxing experience, however, there might be times where finding the perfect massage oil is hard as not all spas have massage oils that can cater to everyone's specific skin needs. Your best friend may want a massage that can soothe tired muscles while you may want one that can tone and tighten sagging skin. Sometimes, the easiest way is just to bring your own customized massage oil to the spa to use for your own massage.

You can concoct your very own bespoke massage oil for your own massages with just a handful of ingredients. Here’s how:

You will need:

1 empty tinted bottle
A good size would be at between 100ml to 200ml. If you are intending to bring a travel size overseas, then stick to a 50ml bottle which is good enough for a one-time usage.

Carrier oil
There are plenty of carrier oils in the market, just to name a few -  Jojoba oil, rice bran oil or coconut oil. Read up on their benefits and pick one that is best suited for your skin type.

Essential oils
It would be good to have a few choices ranging from floral to citrus, or from relaxing scents to energizing scents. Feel free to mix different essential oils but be sure not to mix too much or else your body may not absorb the full benefits of each essential oil.

Measuring glass
To accurately measure the amount needed for your massage oil.

Before you start, be sure to settle on a scent first before you start mixing the massage oils. Think about what are your needs and what kind of scent you want. If you are unsure, here's some blends you can try:


Mandarin - 10 drops
Lemon - 1 drop
Ginger - 2 drops
Lavender - 4 drops


Lavender - 5 drops
Geranium - 2 drops
Rose - 2 drops
Sandalwood - 2 drops


Eucalyptus - 4 drops
Rosemary - 4 drops
Bergamot - 2 drops
Lemon - 1 drop

Mental Alertness

Rosemary - 8 drops
Orange - 3 drops
Lavender -2 drops
Peppermint - 1 drop

Sensual Mood

Jasmine - 2 drops
Ylang Ylang - 2 drops
Bergamot - 3 drops
Marjoram - 1 drop

Digestive Aid

Bergamot - 5 drops
Grapefruit - 2 drops
Lavender - 1 drop
Mandarin - 2 drops

 For a body massage, the rule of thumb is to use between 2 to 3% of essential oils in your carrier oils. That means if your carrier oil is 100ml, then you will only need up to 90 drops of essential oil. Of course you can always play around that number if you find that the scent is too light or too strong, but try not to go over 5% as it may be too potent for younger children or those with sensitive skin.