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How Can Sandalwood Improve your Work Week

The natural aroma of Sandalwood oil strikes a familiar memory to most traditional Asian households. The woodiness and faint incense-like scent that penetrates the room evokes a sense of peace, tranquility and inner calm. This oil is both masculine yet delicate at the same time. Its properties include inducing sleep, but it also does improve focus and clarity.

Here are some of the ways Sandalwood can help to improve your work week:

1. Level-Headedness

The woody scent of Sandalwood induces relaxation and concentration, which helps in keeping a cool head when faced with challenging situations. A heightened level of concentration and clarity will also lend your memory a boost as your to-do list piles up.

2. Meditation

The tranquil quality of the scent also inspires inner vision and positive thoughts, making it ideal for meditation after a hectic day fighting fires. Apply a couple of drops of your palms, rub them together and inhale in rhythmic, measured breaths.

3. Earlier, Better Quality Sleep

If meditation is not your thing, scenting your room with sandalwood oil by using a nebuliser, diffuser or oil burner before bed will also help soothe frayed nerves and lull a restless mind to sleep. Relax into peaceful sleep sooner as anxiety and stressful thoughts fade away, and wake up more refreshed the next day.

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