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HYSSES Aromatherapy Perfume

Most perfumes in the market are formulated with synthetic fragrances to produce strong impressionable effects from the first spritz of the bottle. The instantaneous scent can be picked up in the air, clothing and almost everything it touches. Essential oil-based perfumes, on the other hand, work differently from fragrance-based perfumes. Essential oils evolve on the skin, changing over time as it responds to your unique body chemistry. These essential oils are known for its therapeutic effects and health benefits.

Why Essential Oils?

There is a plethora of reasons why fragrances are commonly used in the perfume industry. They are inexpensive, consistent in odour and easy to manufacture. Fragrances can also be tweaked to last longer in the atmosphere, and even with time, fragrances will always remain the same. Essential oils are a whole new different story. They vary in consistency, smell, colour and even potency - all thanks to Mother Nature’s tendencies. Essential oils are also far more expensive because of their availability. If 10,000 roses are required to make 1 ml of Rose Absolute Oil, imagine the sheer number of roses needed, along with the time cultivating and harvesting the roses just to fill up a bottle of Rose Absolute Oil. It’s no wonder Rose is dubbed the Queen of oils!

Another reason why essential oils are seldom used in perfumery is because of their instability. Not to be confused with the quality – essential oils win in both therapeutic and health benefits compared to fragrances, but not many would want to use essential oils in perfume blending because of their inconsistent reactions to formulations making it difficult to create the perfect blend for a perfume.

With vigorous research and development, HYSSES have successfully created a range of aromatherapy perfumes that encompasses both natural ingredients and the appeal of perfume into one.

Tips to Make your Perfume Last All Day

Essential oils, bearing its all-natural background, come with a tiny shortcoming – they do not last as long as synthetic fragrances. With synthetic fragrance-based perfumes, there are added chemical substances in the mix which help the scent to last longer. These chemical substances are absent in essential oil-based perfumes.

However, there is a trick to making your perfume last, and it is not done by blindly spraying all over your body and clothes. The recommended areas to spray your perfume on is at your pulse points.

The pulse points are located at:

  • Behind your ear
  • Bottom of your throat
  • On your wrist
  • Inside your elbow
  • Back of knee

In general, anywhere you can find a heartbeat is the area where you can apply your perfume on. The warmth of your blood underneath your skin activates the perfume, allowing the scent to be intensified. Body heat and moisture levels also impacts the scent longevity - all the more reason to moisturise your skin before you apply perfume! Whatever application you choose, be sure to keep the perfume away from delicate fabrics and painted surfaces.

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