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How can Aromatherapy Relieve Pressure at Work?

Pressure is inevitable when it comes to work. Given the impending deadlines and meetings that many face at work, it’s no wonder that many adults develop symptoms of stress, burnout and fatigue at some point of time in their working life.

Symptoms of Work-related Stress

Some of the symptoms that people portray when stressed are

  • fatigue
  • muscular tension
  • headaches
  • heart palpitations
  • insomnia
  • dermatological disorders
  • gastrointestinal upsets

In more severe cases, work-related stress that go untreated may lead to depression and negative thoughts.

 What can be done to help those feeling under pressure?

Apart from the habitual coffee breaks, and snacking of comfort food, aromatherapy can be one (healthy) way of combating pressure at work.

For most working adults, having to work means spending most of your day seated at your desk facing the screen. Having a diffuser as a table décor to take your eyes off during work helps to relax and relieve some stress from constantly looking into the screen.

For safety reasons, try to steer away from candle burners and scented candles, but rather, go with flameless diffusers like scenting clay and clay diffusers that provides effortless diffusion round the clock. Not only are they safer on your desk, they will also liven up the area with the many designs that HYSSES have to offer.

What essential oils should I use?

Essential oils that help to lower stress levels, anxiety, blood pressure and elevate productiveness at work are:

Use these essential oils together with your diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere in your workspace.

Relaxation Tips

It is also important to have a short break once in a while to balance your stress levels. Take time off the screen can try doing these short relaxation exercises during your break.

Lean back and close your eyes, using your index finger and thumb, pinch the nose bridge between the eyes for a few seconds before letting go.  Next, sit upright and rotate your head in clockwise direction before reversing the direction. This allows tension to be lifted from your shoulders.

Using a piece of tissue, add a few drops of citrusy essential oil such as Lemon or Orange to break free from sluggishness. The fruity scent will also perk you up, allowing better concentration at work. Breathe in the scent from the tissue periodically.

Using a mini massage roll on, apply onto your temples, behind the ear or on your wrist point and gently roll in small circular motions to activate these trigger points. Try creating your own D-I-Y roll on for a more personalised effect!