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What Diffusers Can I Use For My Car?

Getting a diffuser for the car can be tricky since there are so many factors to consider, especially when the car is an enclosed space, never stationary and subjected to varying degrees of heat when parked in under the sun.

When it comes to practicality, having a burner in the car is definitely the first to be striked off the list because flame and engines are an extremely bad combination. An electric burner won't do any good either since a power source is needed to light up the light bulb. Nebulisers and water mist diffusers are too strong for cars and will only overwhelm anyone who is inside the car within minutes of driving.

And when it comes to stability, anything that contains liquid is best for places that are stationary - not so much for cars unless you want to risk spilling the entire bottle of diffuser liquid in your precious car during your drive.

Scenting Clay

Flower RefreshmentFor those who have been searching all sorts of ways to scent up your car in a more practical manner, you should know it's hard finding one that is suitable for the car. To solve this problem, HYSSES has a whole range of Scenting Clay which is the perfect answer to every car owners' dilemma.

What started out as simple ornaments and paperweights in the past, these scenting clay now serve a new function - as a car car aroma diffuser!

The pioneers of HYSSES' Scenting Clay still exists today, intricately handcrafted clay flowers atop a wooden base.. These clays, also known as Flower Refreshments, were initially meant for vanity desks, offices and dressing tables. As more people get themselves familiarized with our products, the function of these scenting clay have expanded to scenting up small enclosed spaces - and that includes cars.

Apart from these flower refreshments, HYSSES has developed other scenting clay of different designs, colour and even with an extra features such as a anti-slip pad at the bottom.

Check out some of these cool scenting clay for your car!

Car aroma Diffusers

Scenting clay provides subtle scent throughout your ride, but if you prefer a stronger scent, a Mini Travel Nebuliser is more suitable. Not only does it come with a car adaptor, it is also powered by USB, this means it can also be used in the office or any place where a USB point.