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Why Every Home Should Have an Aroma Nebuliser?

One of the best ways of diffusing the scent of essential oils throughout your home is by using a an aroma diffuser. While there are other options for diffusing essential oils, the best aromatherapy diffuser is a nebuliser. A nebuliser breaks down the essential oil, which makes it easier for the body to heal with scent of the oil. Here are five benefits of having a nebuliser in your home.

1.  Helps with Breathing

Unlike like room spray and other artificial scents, the essential oils that are released from a nebuliser helps with your breathing. The nebuliser breaks down the oils into small enough particles to be absorbed by the body rapidly. The right essential oils can help clear airways and reduce the amount of inflammation in the lungs. A nebuliser is great for people who have allergies, and other breathing disorders, as it can help clear the airways. You should keep tissues handy because it can start working in just a few minutes.

2.  Safe Alternative to Incense and Candles

If you have small children or pets, burning incense and candles are a huge hazard to both them and your whole house. A nebuliser is a great option if you are still looking to use aromatherapy to get a great effect. A nebuliser does heat up but does not run the same risk as incense or candles of starting a fire. Some nebulisers also have built-in safety features to stop the machine from overheating the oils.

3.  Safe Way to Repel Insects

There are many essential oils that repel insects. Since most nebulisers are portable, you can use them instead of having to spray toxic insect repellants.

4.  Saves You Money

A nebuliser uses much less power than other diffusers because they do not need to be continuously plugged in or running. You also save money since you can refill a nebuliser with the essential oil of your choosing, unlike like many plug-in options. While they can cost more up front, you can use the same nebulizer for years without needing to replace the unit.

5.  Helps with Your Health

Diffusing essential oils with a nebuliser in your house can help you stay healthy even during flu season. The reason for this is that many essential oils are anti-microbial. Once the oils are vaporized by the nebuliser, they can remove the pathogens in the air before they enter your body. If the pathogens enter your body, breathing the oil’s vapors can help fight them. There are also oils that are like humidifiers, which keep the airways moist and healthy, so less pathogen enters your body.

There are different styles and sizes of nebulisers, so there is one to fit your home’s décor. There are also models that have lights. A nebuliser is a great addition to any home and has many more benefits than listed above.